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Amazon Silk browser comes to most Fire TV devices

Although overshadowed by smart speaker hardware like Google Home and Amazon Echo devices, manufacturers like Google and Amazon first started deploying apps to go along with content on their hardware via the television and their streaming devices like the Chromecast or Fire TV boxes. While it may not seem like the most intuitive app to […]

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Amazon’s Silk web browser is now on Fire TV devices

If you've been looking for a way to browse the web on your Amazon Fire TV, now's the time. The company has just released its Silk Browser for its media gadgets, making it compatible with the first and second generation Fire TVs, the second generation…
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Researchers develop ‘liquid wire’ that acts like spider silk

The properties of spider silk that make it so intriguing are also what makes it so difficult to recreate in a lab, but a team of researchers now believes they have cracked one puzzle about spider silk: how does it remain taut when even when stretched…
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