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Google faces lawsuit over controversial Play Store change

Google’s new Play Store billing policies aren’t very popular with developers, and some are taking their disagreement to the courts.
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The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

From fitness-focused watch faces to classic analog styles, customize your watch with one of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch face you can change to suit your mood.
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PayPal faces lawsuit for freezing customer accounts and funds

Three PayPal users who've allegedly had their accounts frozen and funds taken by the company without explanation have filed a federal lawsuit against the online payment service. The plaintiffs — two users from California and one from Chicago — are accusing the company of unlawfully seizing their personal property and violating racketeering laws. They're now proposing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all other users who've had their accounts frozen before and are seeking restitution, as well as punitive and exemplary damages.

Lena Evans, one of the plaintiffs who'd been a PayPal user for 22 years, said the website seized $ 26,984 from her account six months after it got frozen without ever telling her why. Evans had been using PayPal to buy and sell clothing on eBay, to exchange money for a poker league she owns and for a non-profit that helps women with various needs. 

Fellow plaintiff Roni Shemtov said PayPal seized over $ 42,000 of her money and never got an acceptable reason for why her account was terminated. She received several different explanations when she contacted the company: One customer rep said it was because she used the same IP and computer as other Paypal users, while another said it was because she sold yoga clothing at 20 to 30 percent lower than retail. Yet another representative allegedly said it was because she used multiple accounts, which she denies. 

Shbadan Akylbekov, the third plaintiff, said PayPal seized over $ 172,000 of his money without giving him any explanation why the account got limited in the first place. Akylbekov used the account of a company his wife owns to sell Hyaluron pens, which are needle-less pens that inject hyaluronic acid into the skin. After the money disappeared from the account following a six-month freeze, PayPal allegedly sent his wife a letter that says she "violated PayPal's User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) by accepting payments for the sale of injectable fillers not approved by the FDA." It also said that the money was taken from her account "for its liquidated damages arising from those AUP violations pursuant to the User Agreement."

PayPal has long angered many a user for limiting accounts and freezing their funds for six months or more. One high-profile case was American poker player Chris Moneymaker's who had $ 12,000 taken from his account after six months of being limited. Moneymaker was already in the process of asking people to join him in a class action lawsuit before his funds were "mysteriously returned." 

Part of the complaint reads:

"Plaintiffs bring this class action against Defendant PAYPAL, INC. ("PayPal") to recover damages and other relief available at law and in equity on behalf of themselves, as well as on behalf of the members of the class defined herein… This action stems from Defendant’s widespread business practice of unilaterally seizing funds from its clients’ financial accounts, without cause and without any fair or due process.

PayPal places a "hold" on Plaintiffs' own funds in their own PayPal accounts. PayPal has failed to inform Plaintiffs and members of the class of the reason(s) for the actions PayPal has taken, even telling Plaintiffs and members of the class that they will "have to get a subpoena" to learn the simple information as to why PayPal was holding, and denying Plaintiffs, access to their own money."

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TikTok’s parent company reportedly faces a national security review

Recently TikTok's popularity has exploded worldwide, and so has scrutiny over the app's parent company ByteDance and its relationship to the Chinese government. Now Reuters reports that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)…
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Facebook stops scanning faces by default

Facebook is directly tackling complaints about its facial recognition practices for photo tagging. It's expanding access to its Face Recognition privacy setting (introduced in 2017) to all users, and will stop scanning faces by default. Those who d…
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Google Photos will let you manually tag faces it doesn’t recognize

Google Photos' product lead David Lieb took advantage of some downtime this week to start a surprisingly open dialogue on Twitter. Yesterday, he asked users what they want to see next from Google Photos — new features, bug fixes, performance improve…
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New York’s first attempt at recognizing drivers’ faces has failed

New York's bid to identify road-going terrorists with facial recognition isn't going very smoothly so far. The Wall Street Journal has obtained a Metropolitan Transportation Authority email showing that a 2018 technology test on New York City's Robe…
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First person sentenced for SIM hijacking faces 10 years in prison

SIM card hijackers are starting to face the consequences of their actions. California college student Joel Ortiz has agreed to a plea deal that will have him serve 10 years in prison for stealing over $ 5 million in cryptocurrency through SIM swappin…
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France faces lawsuit for seizing

When a country or company seizes a web domain, it's frequently to kick out squatters who do little besides place ads and hope they'll get a giant payout. However, France is taking on someone who was actively using a site — and it may have crossed a…
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Android Wear 2.9.0 update brings unread notifications to watch faces

As much as it seems like Google has abandoned it, Android Wear is getting another not-insignificant update that’s adding a brand new feature to the platform. Android Wear 2.9.0, according to Google documentation, will bring unread notification badges to watch faces. Hurrah! Now don’t expect to see unread notifications on your watch right away. Google […]

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36 must-have Pebble Time apps, watch faces, and games for your wrist

The cool thing about Pebble’s wears is that they allow for third-party support. The smartwatches can only hold a few apps, however, so we’ve picked 36 of favorite apps, games, and watch faces for you to choose from.

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Huawei faces reluctant carriers as it tries to make a mark in the U.S. with the Mate 9

Huawei is trying to make a splash in the U.S. with high-end flagship smartphones, but the Chinese company isn’t receiving a warm welcome thanks to U.S. carriers. That’s not good for a company looking to expand its borders.

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Friend or foe? This AI security system recognizes faces of people who visit your house

Flare is part camera, part AI, part IoT accessory, created by BuddyGuard. The company bills its product as “the first home security system powered by true artificial intelligence.”

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Try out these 10 Android Wear watch faces

Customizing your watch face is a big part of Android Wear, but it can be a little tough to find one worth placing on your wrist. Here are 10 watch faces to check out from the Google Play store.

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Android Wear update makes watch faces come to life

Google fans already rocking Android Wear will get an update this week that enables interactive watch faces. You can tap them to show more information or launch an app. The three watch faces released today include "Bits", which keeps the time displa…
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