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Waymo and FCA’s expanded deal includes self-driving Ram vans

Ever since 2016 Waymo and FCA (which will soon be known as Stellantis) have partnered on self-driving vehicles and technology, and now that connection is expanding “in several important ways.” From FCA’s side, it’s exclusively using Waymo’s autonomou…
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Waymo’s self-driving vans will return to Bay Area streets on June 8th

Waymo’s plan to resume self-driving operations will soon extend to San Francisco. A spokesperson has confirmed a report in The Verge that Waymo’s autonomous minivans will return to San Francisco Bay Area streets on June 8th. The company isn’t carryin…
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Ex-Waymo driver arrested for causing one of its vans to hit his car

Waymo vehicles get involved in accidental collisions sometimes, but it looks like a January 30th crash in Tempe, Arizona was no accident at all. Authorities have arrested Raymond Tang, an ex-Waymo driver who the company described as "a disgruntled fo…
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