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Hackers tried selling celebrity info stolen from Instagram

News that someone exploited an Instagram security hole to steal info from some of its most popular accounts got worse when they began selling it. The Verge reports this dark web service is no longer available, but The Daily Beast chatted with operato…
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Alibaba gave online shoppers a VR celebrity date

Alibaba really, really wants you to use its virtual reality shopping experience, and it's resorting to a clever tactic to lure you in: dream dates. The Chinese internet giant marked May 20th, a romantic pseudo-holiday, by giving Taobao mobile app us…
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Gordon Ramsay is the first celebrity chef to partner with Glu Mobile for a new game


Are your feelings hurt? They will be soon. Glue Mobile has teamed up with Gordon Ramsay to create a new mobile game.

At the moment, that is really all we know. However, I can only assume it will be a cooking game staring Gordon Ramsay. Maybe you are the chef and Gordon Ramsay teaches you to become great, or maybe you are Gordon Ramsay battling other chefs, who knows?

I can only hope it features Gordon Ramsay going crazy, screaming, and swearing at you just like he does on his TV shows. I also really hope it has classic Gordon Ramsay lines for when you make a mistake like, “I wish you’d jump in the oven! That would make my life a lot easier!”“I don’t think you’re f***ing capable of running a bath, let alone a restaurant!”, or the classic “Congratulations!… on the worst dish in this competition so far”. Any hilarious sayings like these are sure to make it go straight to the top of the Play Store.

Whatever Glu Mobile does is sure to be huge. Gordon Ramsay is their first celebrity chef partnership, but they have worked with many other big names. For example, they created the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game.

We are not sure if Gordon Ramsay will have any say in making the game, but they will have exclusive agreements covering Ramsay’s name, image, likeness, voice, and creative direction. The game is said to be released this summer.

Source: Glu Mobile

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