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Razer’s latest wireless mice promise low-lag gaming from $60

Razer is expanding its Basilisk mouse family with a pair of models that aim to make low-latency wireless mice both more accessible and more powerful. The most interesting model may be the affordable option, the six-button Basilisk X HyperSpeed (abov…
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ARM’s latest chip designs promise 60 percent faster AI on phones

ARM isn't boasting about PC-crushing performance like it did in 2018, but it still has plenty of swagger going into Computex 2019. The designer has unveiled two new chip architectures that promise giant strides in performance, especially for AI. Th…
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HD vinyl is a promise, not a product

Günter Loibl thinks vinyl needs an update. Two years ago he filed a patent for a new way to make records, using lasers (rather than a traditional cutting lathe) to pack the grooves tighter and add 30 percent more usable space. Thanks to the lase…
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Water-based electrolytes promise safer phone batteries

It's hard to completely escape safety issues with lithium-ion batteries, in part due to the nature of the electrolytes that charge and release energy when ions shuttle between electrodes. They usually have to be made of easily combustible chemicals…
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Tech me beautiful: Gadgets that promise to make your skin look great

At CES 2016, there was a beauty tech summit, with lots of gadgets on display. Many purport to improve skin appearance, while others just want to show you what you look like with makeup on.

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