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‘Severed’ gets a lavish PS Vita physical release

DrinkBox Studios released the stylized first-person dungeon crawler Severed as a PS Vita exclusive back in April 2016, but the game moved on from Sony's ailing handheld to iOS by year's end. Yet two years later, the title is making a triumphant retur…
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Sony will stop making physical PS Vita games in 2019

The PS Vita might still attract new fans thanks to indie releases and JRPGs like Persona 4 Golden, but they're clearly not enough to prevent its impending death. According to Kotaku, Sony's American and European divisions are ending the production of…
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‘Super Time Force Ultra’ comes to PS4 and PS Vita on September 1st

Super Time Force is one of the more mind-bending indie games to break cover in recent years, and now the time-traveling, side-scrolling shooter is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. As of September 1st, the game will be live in the PlayStatio…
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