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Is the Oura Ring finally good enough to replace your Apple Watch?

Oura has added a workout tracking feature and SpO2 monitoring to the Oura Ring smart ring. Does this mean it’s now ready to be worn on its own?
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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 shows why Android 12L isn’t enough

With Google’s Android 12L racing to the finish line, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 reminds us the real issue with Android tablets isn’t the interface.
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NFTs have a climate problem, and the solution isn’t coming fast enough

NFTs have an absolutely massive carbon footprint, and while there are many solutions in the works, very few of them are expected to roll out anytime soon.
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[Updated: It isn’t] Is the Moto Razr robust enough to survive 100,000 folds?

While we wait for Samsung to announce its Galaxy Z Flip clamshell on February 11th, Motorola has already begun shipping its own foldable smartphone, the Moto Razr. We’ve already seen early reports of noisy hinges and of dirt getting under the display of the handset, so the question has to be asked as to just […]

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After Math: That took long enough

It's been a big week of things finally happening. Uber's making good on the backpay it owes its drivers, Target settled its data breach lawsuits and some semen that spent nearly a year in space proves to still be viable. Numbers, because how else wil…
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England isn’t windy enough for new turbines, claims industry boss

Every country has its stereotypes, but England will always be famous for its terrible weather. You'd think a land labeled for its cold, wet and windy conditions would be ideal for generating energy, but it turns out that isn't the case. The head of t…
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