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watchOS 9 is bringing big health and fitness updates to your Apple Watch

Apple has talked about watchOS 9, the next version of its software for the Apple Watch, at WWDC 2022. This is what you need to know about the announcement.
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How to download the WatchOS 9 developer beta right now

WatchOS 9 is coming in September, and Apple has already released a beta for developers to play with. Here’s how to get your hands on it now.
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WatchOS 9 will make typing on your Apple Watch less terrible

The Apple Watch Series 7’s cramped keyboard isn’t suited for typing long texts. With QuickType arriving on WatchOS 9, word prediction will offer some relief.
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Will your Apple Watch get watchOS 9? Here are the compatible models

This year’s release of watchOS 9 will mark the first time in two years that Apple is dropping support for an older Apple Watch model.
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5 things we love about WatchOS 8, and 1 that has us baffled

WatchOS 8 is available to download now, so which features should you try out first? Here are five things we like, and one other that is less successful.
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The Morning After: Apple started the public beta for watchOS 7

If you wanted a Microsoft Hololens but thought that headset was just too big, then maybe the Nreal Light glasses are for you. They advertise mixed reality tech in a much smaller package, and mostly deliver on it. They’re more stylish than Google Glas…
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Apple’s watchOS 5 and its smarter Siri arrive on September 17th

Apple has revealed when you'll be able to update your Apple Watch to watchOS 5. The latest version of the software will be available September 17th.
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The original Apple Watch won’t get watchOS 5’s fancy new features

Heads-up if you own an original Apple Watch: your wristwear is officially obsolete. Apple has confirmed that watchOS 5 will drop support for the first-generation Watch and will require at least a Series 1 timepiece. Like it or not, you'll have to u…
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Hands on: Apple WatchOS 3 beta

The Apple Watch has come a long way since it was introduced, and Watch OS 3 brings some great improvements to the device. To name a few: New watch faces like Minnie Mouse, handwritten replies, reminders to Breathe, and faster apps. We go hands on.

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Everything you need to know about watchOS 2 for the Apple Watch

Apple detailed myriad improvements and a new dev kit coming to the Apple Watch. WatchOS 2, coming September 16, includes new watch faces and powerful native apps.

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