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Paris cracks down on unregistered Airbnb properties

Airbnb has a long history of legal struggles in various cities in which it operates. Now, according to a report in AFP, Paris has requested that Airbnb comply with new regulations to register with the city. If the company (along with four other compe…
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Airbnb is buying a scam-fighting background check technology

Airbnb is getting more serious when it comes to keeping fraudulent listings and shady renters off the website. According to Bloomberg, the short-term rental platform is buying Trooly Inc., a startup specializing in background checks to fight off scam…
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Airbnb claims Santa Monica ban violates the Constitution

Airbnb isn't done with lawsuits over home rental laws it doesn't like — not by a long shot. It's suing Santa Monica over municipal code that effectively bans "vacation rental" services through severe restrictions (you have to be home and obtain a b…
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Airbnb sues San Francisco over new short-term rental rules

Short-term rental service Airbnb is suing the city of San Francisco over a recently passed amendment to a rental law. The new law is scheduled to go into effect sometime next month, with the lawsuit hoping to block it.

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