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Russia demands large tech companies set up local offices by 2022

Russia is getting serious with demands that foreign tech companies set up shop within its borders. Reuterssays the country's telecom regulator Roskomnadzor has called on 13 foreign and mostly American companies to launch official Russian presences by 2022 so they can comply with a law that took effect July 1st. The list includes familiar tech names like Apple, Google, Meta (Facebook), Telegram, TikTok and Twitter.

The law demands local offices for "internet companies" with over 500,000 daily users. Some of the companies already have offices, though, and it's unclear just what constitutes an official presence. Those deemed violating the law could be subject to either complete bans or limits on their ads, data gathering and money transfers.

As you might have guessed, the concern is that Russia might use the law to wield more control over those companies and their content. Russia has clashed with Apple multiple times, for instance, including a fine for allegedly abusing App Store dominance — this law might give officials more leverage. The move might also help Russia pressure companies into censoring content the government deems objectionable, such as social media posts backing the political opposition to Putin's regime.

The announcement makes a tricky situation that much more difficult. Russia is a significant market some companies can't always afford to lose but honoring the request could also mean enabling censorship and other rights abuses. Companies may soon have to make decisions that are painful regardless of the outcome.

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Magnetic FreeBOT orbs work together to climb large obstacles

We’ve seen both companies and research teams attempt to make modular robots an everyday reality, but, more often than not, they all run into the same problem: the mechanism that allows those devices to connect to each other is complicated and fragile…

Xiaomi may be ending their large Mi Max and Mi Note series

Xiaomi maintains a huge product catalogue across the market, however they may be removing their size-focused ranges, likely because size is not a defining factor anymore. Amongst their huge array of devices and product lines, Xiaomi has maintained their ‘Max‘ and ‘Note‘ series as sub-segments of their flagship ‘Mi‘ brand which both focus on size […]

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First ‘State of Decay 2’ patch is as large as the game itself

If you have State of Decay 2 but haven't fired it up in a while, you'll have to be… patient. Undead Labs has released its first patch for the zombie-slaying title, and it's a whopping 20GB — that's about as large as the install on the Xbox One….
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Steam will support VR in very large rooms

If you want to play a room-scale VR game using Steam's current tracking method, you need to do it in a 13-by-13 foot area. That's fine for your living room, but what if you want more space? Don't fret: Valve has announced that SteamVR Tracking 2.0 wi…
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Apple Watch surpasses all other wearables by a large margin, according to report

The Apple Watch is the hottest wearable by a country mile, according to a new report that claims 75 percent of wearable sales were Apple branded. Samsung took second place in the battle, and analysts claim it will receive a large boost from the Gear S2 launch.

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