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US could soon end mass phone surveillance program exposed by Snowden

The US government might put an end to the controversial NSA phone surveillance program Edward Snowden exposed by the end of 2019. Republican congressional national security adviser Luke Murry revealed during a Lawfare podcast that Congress might not…
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What EA learned from ‘Mass Effect’ will shape its future

When I spoke to Electronic Arts' executive vice president Patrick Soderlund last week, Kotaku's report about why Mass Effect: Andromeda turned out so poorly hadn't been published yet. Nonetheless, when I asked him about the flawed game's development…
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New production method may accelerate mass production of graphene

Conventional graphene production methods include a number of steps, such as growth, transfer, patterning, and deposition. Researchers in the United Kingdom have managed to consolidate a number of these steps.

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There’s a new boss in charge of ‘Mass Effect’ and ‘Dragon Age’

Electronic Arts is changing. Many of the massive publisher-developer's myriad studios will now be assembled under one figurative roof at EA Worldwide Studios. Describing the change, EA CEO and part-time Mirror's Edge villain Andrew Wilson says it "wi…
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Apple will shut down HopStop’s mass transit services in October

Apple kept HopStop's mass transit directions and guides running (with notable exceptions) long after it bought the company back in 2013, but you won't get to rely on them for much longer: Cupertino has revealed that it's shutting down HopStop come…
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