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Tidal app launches for Android TV platform

Still trying to make a name for itself in the streaming music market, Tidal has launched apps for both the Android TV and Apple TV platforms. The new apps give users more direct, easier access to Tidal and their video library of concerts, music videos and live streams on their big screen devices. If the […]

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Mercedes-Benz is giving all its customers a year of Tidal HiFi

Tidal has had a rough few months, what with Kanye leaving in a huff, having to find a third CEO in two years and exclusives like Jay-Z's 4:44 being held back from new subscribers. The streaming service continues to stay relevant, though, perhaps thro…
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Kanye West album will top charts after Tidal exclusive ends

If you guessed that Kanye West's short-lived decision to make The Life of Pablo a Tidal exclusive would hurt the album's chances… you guessed correctly. Music industry forecasters now expect Kanye's latest to top the Billboard charts for April 23r…
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