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Automotive startup Rivian unveils an electric truck and SUV

Electrified SUVs are popping up everywhere. So it's no surprise that automotive startup Rivian has unveiled one of its own, the R1S. More exciting is the company's electron-powered pickup truck, the R1T.
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Einride’s self-driving truck looks like a giant freezer on wheels

Einride has just revealed the prototype of the T-pod, its autonomous electric truck. The Swedish company's self-driving vehicle can transport 15 standard pallets and can travel 124 miles on one charge. And because there's no need for a person to sit…
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I ate a pizza made by a robot in the back of a truck, and it was delicious

Zume Pizza is the latest Silicon Valley startup to be making headlines, largely because of the way that it automates the pizza-making process. We took a tour of the company’s facility to find out just how automated the process really is.

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Amazon aims to speed up deliveries with new truck trailers

Don't be surprised if you see an Amazon-branded semi-trailer on the road this holiday season. The shopping giant just announced that it's snapped up "thousands" of trailers (the rear cargo portion of tractor-trailers) to beef up its shipping capabili…
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