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Scientists create contact lenses that zoom on command

Nosebleed seats may soon be a thing of the past. Scientists at the University of California San Diego have created a prototype contact lens that is controlled by the eye's movements. Wearers can make the lenses zoom in or out by simply blinking twice…
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US Cyber Command warns of nation-state hackers exploiting Outlook

The recent surge in state-backed hacking campaigns isn't dying down any time soon. US Cyber Command has reported that unnamed state actors are making "active malicious use" of a 2017-era Outlook vulnerability (long since patched) to escape the email…
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Hands on with ‘Command & Conquer Rivals’

The Command and Conquer franchise made its PC debut all the way back in 1995. In the two decades since, the game has garnered a rabid following with dozens of sequels and spinoffs. In 2018, the C&C experience returns to mobile with the free-to-pl…
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Robotic whiteboard draws tweets, messages, and artwork on command

Launched via Kickstarter, Joto is a connected display board that draws tweets, messages, and even art with a pen. The device combines digital connectivity with analog presentation.

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