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Nvidia and Intel used compromised SolarWinds software

Fallout from the SolarWinds hack continues to expand. A handful of major tech companies, including Nvidia and Intel, have joined the growing list of organizations affected by the unprecedented hack US officials have blamed on Russia. The Wall Street…

Intel details its USB4-compliant Thunderbolt 4 standard

Let’s get this out of the way up front: Intel’s new Thunderbolt 4 connection isn't technically faster than Thunderbolt 3, at least when it comes to overall throughput. (They both offer up to 40 gigabit per second speeds.) But the company is justifyin…
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Google testing native Steam client on Chromebooks powered by 10th generation Intel CPUs

We learnt in January 2020 that Google’s engineers were working to bring the Steam platform to Chrome OS. Many of the details of this development are still not known, but we now have an idea of the timeline: Google is reportedly testing support for Steam starting with models based around Intel’s tenth generation CPU family. […]

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Google, Intel and Microsoft form data protection consortium

It's common to secure data when its sitting put or flying to its destination, but not so much when you're actually using it — there's still a risk someone could peek at your content while you work. Industry heavyweights might help keep your info se…
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The Morning After: AMD, NVIDIA and Intel do battle at Computex

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. While those in the US mark Memorial Day, Computex 2019 is in full swing with hardware from Intel, AMD, ARM and NVIDIA setting new performance and efficiency benchmarks for laptops and phones headed our way later…
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Acer updates select laptops with the latest from Intel and NVIDIA

This morning, Intel debuted its 9th-generation mobile core processor, the i9-9980HK, and revealed a slew of other 9th-gen chips. In the hours following, a wave of gaming laptop makers announced that they're adding the new chips and the latest NVIDIA…
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Intel and ESL extend their esports alliance with a $100 million deal

Intel and ESL have been esports buddies for years, but they're deepening that commitment as 2018 winds to a close. The two have extended their partnership with a $ 100 million deal that will last through 2021. Intel will provide the computing power…
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Intel and Samsung back FTC lawsuit against Qualcomm

The Federal Trade Commission kicked off 2017 by targeting Qualcomm over allegedly anti-competitive behavior, and unsurprisingly, companies the chipmaker competes with agree. Intel and Samsung filed briefs supporting the FTC lawsuit, claiming that Qua…
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BMW, Intel and MobilEye will test self-driving cars later in 2017

BMW, Intel and MobilEye just gave a roadmap for some of their self-driving car plans. The trio expects to test autonomous cars on roads sometime in the second half of 2017. About 40 modified BMW 7 Series sedans will start roaming American and Europea…
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Intel gives its NUC mini-PCs new processors, new ports and a new design

When you're looking for a tiny desktop, Intel's NUC computers are something of a standard. These bare-bone PCs have made a name for themselves as affordable, reasonably powerful and adorably small. Now they're even better: Intel is gifting its line o…
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Intel throws its tiny Curie module in an Arduino board

The low-power Curie from Intel helps developers quickly prototype a device with turn-key access to Bluetooth, a six-axis sensor with gyroscope and accelerometer and the 32-bit SOC Quark micro-controller. It's main focus has been the wearable market…
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Intel chips to help pinpoint cause of bee colonies’ deaths

Researchers from Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) want to pinpoint the factors that lead to the mass death of honey bees everywhere, in what's being called as colony collapse disorder. In order to do…
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