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Oppo cracks the code, puts a front-facing camera underneath a phone screen

If you really hate notches and the current trend of disfigured screens to make room for a front-facing camera, your next phone just might be an Oppo device. The company has shown off that they’ve finally figured out how to cram a camera underneath a phone’s screen, allowing a phone to have a full display […]

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Facebook cracks down on companies selling fake accounts

Facebook has cracked down on companies churning out and peddling fake accounts. The social network has filed a lawsuit in US federal court against four companies and three individuals based in China, not only for promoting the sales of fake accounts,…
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China cracks down on Twitter users critical of its government

It won't surprise you to hear that China keeps a tight lid on homegrown social networks, but it's now doing more to stifle free expression on outside networks, too. The New York Times reported that Chinese law enforcement recently began a crackdown…
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Spotify cracks down on family plan sharing

Spotify's Premium for Family plan is a good deal: $ 15 a month snags you up to six ad-free accounts on the service, which would normally cost $ 10 each. It's not a surprise, then, that people have been sharing the accounts among friends to save a few b…
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Paris cracks down on unregistered Airbnb properties

Airbnb has a long history of legal struggles in various cities in which it operates. Now, according to a report in AFP, Paris has requested that Airbnb comply with new regulations to register with the city. If the company (along with four other compe…
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South Korea cracks down on use of digital cash for crowdfunding

South Koreans who were planning to raise funds using cryptocurrency will have to find an alternative method. The country has decided to follow in China's footsteps and has banned raising money through all forms of virtual currency, according to Reute…
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