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Japan’s Hayabusa2 lands on asteroid Ryugu to collect samples

Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft has successfully touched down on the surface of asteroid Ryugu to accomplish one of its ultimate goals: collect samples for scientists back on Earth. The probe has briefly landed on the asteroid to fire a bullet into its…
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WeTransfer finally lands on Android

It is hard to imagine that there are app developers out there that still limit themselves to the iOS world considering how dominant Android is. Nevertheless, they are out there. However, the group got smaller by one with the announcement this past Friday that WeTransfer is now available for Android through the Google Play Store. […]

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Netflix lands Eddie Murphy for ‘Dolemite’ biopic

You might remember him as Billy Ray Valentine, Sherman Klump, or Donkey — but after a brief hiatus from the spotlight, Eddie Murphy is poised to return in Netflix's Dolemite Is My Name. The film, which Murphy will produce and star in, is a biopic a…
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Bite-sized, black-and-white game ‘Minit’ lands April 3rd

A crew of indie veterans, including half of notable studio Vlambeer, will release Minit on April 3rd for Steam (PC), PS4 and Xbox One. In the monochromatic Lo-Fi title, players rushing out their front door to do as much adventuring as possible before…
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Tesla reportedly lands deal to build an EV factory in Shanghai

It's difficult for foreign car makers to crack the Chinese market. Unless they're willing to partner with a local brand (and thus give up both profits and technology), they have to pay for shipping vehicles and swallow a 25 percent import duty fee. T…
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Sprint lands opportunity to offer LG V30+

This week LG took the wraps off their fall flagship device, the LG V30, which should put them into a better position to contend with other flagship level devices as compared to the LG G6 which launched with some dated hardware. While not touted as part of the release announcement, LG did put together a […]

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Researchers develop a drone that swoops and lands like a bird

Watch out, birds. The drones are coming for your jobs. Researchers at BMT Defence Services (BMT) and the University of Bristol in Britain have built a fixed-wing UAV that can land as well as its avian counterparts, reports Popular Mechanics. Although…
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Virtual reality content startup Jaunt lands on PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR just got some additional content via the recently announced app launch by Jaunt. The platform will have instant access to 150 cinematic titles from the startup. The app includes videos like the award-winning animation Invasion, CBS…
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‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ comeback lands at Netflix

You won't have to go out of your way to watch the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival. Netflix has picked up the crowdfunded make-fun-of-movies show and will be the only place to stream it in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand….
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A modular computer for kids lands on Indiegogo


We have been hearing a lot about modular devices from watches to phones, and now computers. For those unfamiliar with modular devices, they aim at being basically an upgradable device. Rather than using a device for a year or two than buying a new one, you will instead just buy upgradable parts.

Today, we are talking about the Infinity modular laptop by One Education. It combines a laptop and a tablet in one, and is designed for kids. The main thing that sets it apart from other devices is its modular capabilities. You will be able to replace the CPU, camera, battery, and more. It also runs Android, but they are working on a full Linux desktop experience too. This is great for being future proof and keeping upfront cost down.

The base model will come with an 8.9-inch screen, 1.4 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage with a microSD card slot, and cameras on the back and front. One Education plans on making new modules like faster hardware, Windows 10 support, better cameras, and stronger Gorilla Glass screens.

If you are interested in picking one of these up, head over to One Education’s Indiegogo page. They are trying to raise $ 50,000 with early bird prices of $ 250 each, or if you are a school or large organization, you can buy a 10-pack for $ 2,390. They are expected to ship the Infinity next September.

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Source: Indiegogo

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