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‘League of Legends’ championship will start in Shanghai despite pandemic

At least one major eSports league is determined to push forward with in-person finals despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Riot Games has announced that the League of Legends World Championship 2020 will take place in Shanghai between September 25th and Oc…
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‘Apex Legends’ season five will add PvE hunts to the mix

Like every other free-to-play battle royale game out there, Apex Legends is constantly refreshing the game with new content and modes. Season five “Fortune’s Favor” kicks off next week, and along with the newly-revealed character Loba, Respawn is als…
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Bethesda stops work on ‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’

It's not a good time for card battle games, apparently. Bethesda has put all The Elder Scrolls: Legends development "on hold" for an indefinite amount of time, effectively canceling both the console version and a planned card set. The game will sti…
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‘Apex Legends’ teases its newest playable character with in-game cameo

In one of the more elaborate and novel teasers for a new playable character in an online game, you can already see Apex Legends' newest star. You just can't play him. Over the last few days, players have spotted Crypto, Apex's long-rumored hacker cha…
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Echo Fox loses its pro ‘League of Legends’ franchise spot

Riot Games has announced that it will cut Echo Fox from its League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) after an incident of racism by a member of its ownership group went unaddressed. As part of an agreement between Riot and Echo Fox, LCS will sell…
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‘Apex Legends’ goes live with Iron Crown event and solo mode

Apex Legends fans have two weeks to take part in new challenges, including venturing out to King's Canyon on their own. The Iron Collection Crown event and temporary Solos mode has gone live, with this trial run set to end on August 27th.
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‘Apex Legends’ second season debuts July 2nd with an engineer character

There's finally some concrete details about the second season of Apex Legends, and it's heartening news if you're either a defensive player or particularly competitive. The next phase of the game will add Wattson, an engineer character who thrives o…
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League of Legends will be the next powerhouse game to be ported to mobile

Since phones have gotten more and more powerful we’ve started to see more high profile games ported over to smartphones and tablets. This current trend works a little bit better than a few years ago when old PS2 era games got mobile ports with questionable controls and lacking graphics, too. Just ask Fortnite. But the […]

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‘Apex Legends’ team plans to fix player hitbox issues

Apex Legends is a success by most measures, but that doesn't mean it's without problems. A Respawn community manager said the developer is aware of and "discussing" multiple complaints that the hitboxes (the invisible shapes that determine whether o…
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11 years after creating ‘League of Legends,’ Riot is making a new game

The two founders of Riot Games announced that they're handing off the management of League of Legends to other administrators so they can make a new game — which will end up being the publisher's second big video game release in 11 years of operatio…
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