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Verizon is selling the original LG G Watch, but you can’t buy it

Here’s an interesting one. Verizon Wireless has suddenly listed a ghost from the past among its fleet of modern smartwatches, including the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. The original Android Wear smartwatch (along with Samsung’s Gear Live) debuted way back in 2014, but for just $ 49.99, you can now snag that pioneering […]

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No more original quality Google Photos backups for the Pixel 4

A major selling point of previous Pixel phones was that they would come with unlimited original quality photo backup. That was actually a pretty big deal for enthusiast photographers, since they could safely store all of their high-resolution photos without worrying about running out of the measly 64GB of space on the Pixel phones or […]

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Viber messaging app adds Shorts feature that brings original stories one line at a time

Everyone enjoys a good story, whether its a novel or audiobook, or perhaps even a video, but how about a story that reveals itself one line at a time? A new feature called Shorts is coming to the Viber app, bringing more than 50 original free stories that are read one line at a time. […]

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Google’s search results will highlight original reporting

Google has updated its search algorithm to give more prominence to original reporting. The company's vice president of news, Richard Gingras, wrote in a blog post that it should be easier for people to find the origins of a news story.
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Original Razer Phone is due for an Android Pie update in a few weeks

When Razer announced the original Razer Phone, it was up in the air how well they’d do with software updates. Razer isn’t a phone company, and their purchase of Nextbit was the only thing that really got them into the market. Up to this point, those software updates have been pretty lackluster, with the original […]

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Play the original ‘Minecraft’ in your browser, for free

Minecraft is celebrating its 10th birthday by making its Classic version easily playable on web browsers. You don't need to download any files to make it work, and you don't have to pay a cent for access. Since Classic was only the second phase in th…
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Airbnb may create original shows to spark the travel bug

Airbnb might not be content with hoping that you'll book a stay on your next vacation — it may want to make that vacation more appealing in the first place. Reuters sources say Airbnb hopes to create original shows that would encourage would-be cus…
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Apple’s original shows may be free for device owners

Apple's long-in-the-making streaming video service might not cost you anything. CNBC sources have reported that Apple's offering will revolve around a revamped TV app where original programming will be available for free in addition to previously rum…
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The original Apple Watch won’t get watchOS 5’s fancy new features

Heads-up if you own an original Apple Watch: your wristwear is officially obsolete. Apple has confirmed that watchOS 5 will drop support for the first-generation Watch and will require at least a Series 1 timepiece. Like it or not, you'll have to u…
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Swype, the original swiping keyboard, is officially dead

Who remembers Swype? Back when Android was still booming and exploding with every new release, Swype was the go-to keyboard for anyone that wanted swipe gestures to speed up their typing on the otherwise terrible keyboards of the day. Brings back memories, right? Don’t get too nostalgic, though. Swype has confirmed that they’re no longer […]

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Google facing a lawsuit over original Pixel microphone issues

The original Google Pixel was a pretty fantastic phone, and one Google should be proud of. However, it wasn’t without its flaws, including a few isolated problems for some users. One of those problems, however, happened enough that now Google is facing a class-action lawsuit over the defect. Yikes. That class action complaint was filed […]

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Original Space Shuttle commander John Young dies

Spaceflight just lost one of its better-known icons: NASA astronaut John Young has died at the age of 87. He was best known as the commander of the first Space Shuttle mission, taking Columbia into orbit in 1981. However, that was just one of a serie…
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Netflix’s next original is a personal kind of superhero story

Finding superhero stuff on Netflix isn't difficult whatsoever, but the streaming service and actor Michael B. Jordan have a new type of origin story in mind. Raising Dion asks what it'd be like to, as its name suggests, raise one from childhood. Dion…
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Report: Facebook to pay Hollywood millions for original shows

Facebook is very serious about its original programming ambitions — $ 3 million per episode serious. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the tech giant is courting Hollywood agencies for original scripted TV shows, in some cases offering up to…
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NBC and Viacom are making original shows for might have professionally made original shows to offer along with user-produced content sometime in the future. According to Bloomberg, the music video app is currently talking to Viacom and Comcast's NBCUniversal about creating original p…
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Amazon’s Audible stocks up on original radio programming

Amazon really wants you to listen to its podcast and audio-book service, Audible. And it's hoping to win you over by grabbing comedians like Maria Bamford and folks from the public radio and podcast world for original content, according to Bloomberg….
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Withings’ Activité Steel looks as gorgeous as the original, but for a fraction of the price

The Activité Steel is the newest addition to Withing’s Activité line of stylish trackers that pack all the power of a Fitbit into an attractive, analog watch. The Steel is cheaper than the original Activité, but features many of the same materials.

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Introducing YouTube Red Original Series and Movies from your favorite stars

Last year, we announced an initiative to invest in the creativity of our top YouTube stars. We wanted to give them an opportunity to realize some of their long-held creative ambitions by developing new content for YouTube. Today, we’re announcing some of the original series and movies we’ll be debuting with YouTube Red.

YouTube Red is the experience fans have been asking for. For just $ 9.99 a month, you’ll be able to enjoy videos across all of YouTube without ads, save videos to watch offline on your phone or tablet and play videos in the background.

But we’re not stopping there. Starting next year, YouTube Red members will get access to new, original series and movies from some of YouTube’s biggest creators. We’re excited to announce some of them today, with more to come:

  • Scare PewDiePie: In this reality-adventure series from the creator and executive producers of The Walking Dead at Skybound Entertainment and Maker Studios, experience thrills, chills and laughter as PewDiePie encounters terrifying situations inspired by his favorite video games.
  • Sing It!: From Fine Brothers Entertainment and Mandeville Films comes SING IT!, a scripted comedy that lovingly satirizes the reality singing competitions that have become a centerpiece of pop culture.
  • Lazer Team: In this feature-length action-comedy from Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen Films, four small-town losers stumble upon an alien ship carrying a mysterious cargo, leading to a battle to save Earth from an all-powerful enemy.
  • A Trip to Unicorn Island: From the team at Astronauts Wanted, this feature-length movie gives fans an extraordinary look inside the life and journey of Lilly Singh as she embarks on a challenging 26-city global tour where she has to remember to practice what she preaches: happiness is the only thing worth fighting for.
  • Untitled Joey Graceffa project: In this all-new reality adventure series, Joey Graceffa brings together an ensemble of top YouTubers for a murder mystery they’ll never forget. They’ll form alliances to survive, but little do they know that most won’t make it out alive.
  • 360 Project from MatPat of Game Theory: YouTube educator and pop culture expert MatPat from The Game Theorists invites the audience to come along for the ride in an innovative new series and 360 VR experience. In each episode Matt explores the real-life science behind popular video games by throwing gamers into the high-stakes scenarios they play through every day, from water jetpacks to haunted pizzerias.
  • Single by 30: In this romantic drama series from Wong Fu Productions and New Form Digital, two high school best friends make a promise to get married if they’re still single at 30. A decade later, with 30 quickly approaching, their attempt at upholding their vow unfolds in unexpected ways. Starring Harry Shum, Jr. and Kina Grannis.
  • Untitled CollegeHumor project: Written by and starring the cast of CollegeHumor, along with special guests, this new anthology series will take a dark and comedic look at the absurdity of Internet culture.
  • Fight of the Living Dead: In an unprecedented social experiment reality show from Alpine Labs, Fight of the Living Dead takes popular YouTube talent and traps them in a frighteningly realistic zombie apocalypse. They must use their instincts and gaming skills to survive as they battle the elements for the ultimate prize of survival.
  • I Am Tobuscus: From the mind of Toby Turner, this scripted comedy explores the world of a self-involved YouTube creator pursuing bigger stardom. The show features original music, and satirizes the hilarious details of being an eccentric, new-age celebrity.

We’re excited to bring these original series and movies to YouTube Red members and give you even more for your membership beginning next year. Viewers in the U.S. can try YouTube Red for free with a one month trial starting on October 28.

Susanne Daniels, VP, Global Head of Original Programming, recently watched “If Google Was A Guy (Part 4).”

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New original content from top YouTube creators

At YouTube, we have a core belief: we only succeed if our creators do.

After launching the Creator Hub to help creators get the most out of YouTube from anywhere in the world and opening YouTube Spaces in the U.S., the U.K., Japan and Brazil, we decided to take an even bolder step to invest in ambitious projects from our top creators. Today, we’re announcing partnerships with four top creators to help bring their next big original series to life on YouTube:

  • Since launching their first YouTube channel in 2007, the Fine Brothers’ channels have amassed over 17 million subscribers and over 3 billion views as well as earning a Daytime Emmy. They’ll continue the hot streak with their new scripted comedy series that takes a satirical look at the world of singing competition shows, produced in partnership with Mandeville Films.
  • For six years, Prank vs. Prank have waged an epic prank war on each other in front of an audience of nearly 14 million subscribers and generated nearly 3 billion views on their two channels. In their forthcoming series, celebrity guests join Jesse and Jeana to pull off their most ambitious pranks yet. 
  • Joey Graceffa has built a devoted fan following of over 5 million subscribers, cumed over 600 million views and earned two Teen Choice nominations through his channels’ daily vlogs, scripted series and short films. Now Joey will lead an all-star cast of YouTubers in his all-new murder mystery reality series.
  • For a decade, Smosh has entertained a YouTube fanbase of over 35 million subscribers across their channels with comedy sketches that have generated over 7 billion views. In their new comedy series, we’ll see Ian and Anthony working at a theme restaurant where out-of-control kids and crazy parents are all in a day’s work.

We’re also excited to announce a new collaboration between YouTube and AwesomenessTV. Together, we’ll release several feature length films over the next two years, all driven by YouTube stars and developed and produced by AwesomenessTV’s Brian Robbins. The films will all premiere globally on YouTube before they become available elsewhere, setting what we believe will become a new distribution paradigm for years to come. We hope to release our first film this fall, with more details to come soon.

We hope that these new series and feature films, as well as those that follow, give top creators a new way to showcase their talent to fans on YouTube.

Alex Carloss, Head of YouTube Originals recently watched “Me at the zoo.”

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