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Waymo partners with Walmart for grocery pick-up in Phoenix

Walmart's latest move into tech is a partnership with Waymo. In Phoenix later this week, the pair will begin a pilot program where customers can order groceries on the retailer's website, get a ride to and from the store in a Waymo car and then snag…
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Run-DMC sues Amazon, Walmart over online counterfeits

It's not just tech giants like Apple that are taking online stores to task for allowing counterfeit goods on their virtual shelves. Run-DMC is suing Amazon, Walmart (including and partners for selling bogus shirts, hats and other goods that…
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Walmart is testing grocery deliveries with Uber and Lyft

Online grocery deliveries are commonplace in Europe, but America's size makes it difficult for even the largest firms to offer it nationwide. That's why Walmart is teaming up with Uber and Lyft to test a delivery service for online shoppers. All a us…
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Walmart takes Visa to court over debit card payments

Walmart isn't happy that Visa still allows customers to sign for purchases made with their chip-equipped debit cards. The retail giant has filed a lawsuit against Visa in New York in an effort to compel the credit card brand to require PIN verificati…
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BlackBerry’s still got it: The Priv may have sold out at Walmart

BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone, the eponymous BlackBerry Priv, is apparently performing pretty well. It appeared to sell out at retailer Walmart in its first day of availability.

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Walmart Pay to launch in selected WalMart stores this week, rolling out nationwide by mid-2016

Walmart_Pay (2)

When we think about the various services we can use to pay for groceries with our smartphones, there’s a good chance that Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and Apple Pay are the three most common options. It seems other companies want a slice of the mobile payments pie as well, though. One of which is Walmart, that has just announced its own payment service imaginatively called ‘Walmart Pay’, launching in selected stores in the US from Thursday. Walmart Pay is expected to become available nationwide (US) by the first half of 2016.  

Available to use on both iOS and Android devices, Walmart Pay will be present in the retailer’s app, allowing payments from all the usual suspects. Basically, Walmart Pay works by simply setting up the payment method in the app, and after you’ve scanned through your items at the check-out, you just have to take your smartphone out, open the app and scan the QR code shown on the check-out display. The app then makes the payment electronically, and an e-receipt is available to view in the app.

In a video call with Reuters, the senior vice president of services, Daniel Eckert, did say that Walmart is in talks with mobile wallet developers, but wouldn’t mention any specifics. While the US supermarket chain says Walmart Pay was developed independently, CurrentC is a “possible mobile wallet addition” to the service.

Finally, where is the originality in the naming of all these mobile payment services? Does everything have to end with ‘Pay‘? What do you think of Walmart Pay? Would you use it?


Source: Reuters

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