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US carrier promo offers free iCloud storage to iPhone upgraders

Apple isn't known for offering virtually any promos to iPhone buyers, let alone iCloud users, but it's making exceptions for both ahead of the 2018 iPhones. Reddit users have discovered a promo that lets subscribers to the four major US carriers get…
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Samsung, OnePlus to be part of historic ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ promo campaign

With the third installment in the Avengers series from Marvel ready to hit the big screen later this month, advertisers are preparing to let loose their promotional campaigns tied into the latest Marvel Comics Universe theatrical release. According to sources, the advertising campaign budget for Avengers: Infinity War will be the biggest one ever for […]

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Google Inbox will remind you to unsubscribe from unread promo emails

Google has made email a much less tedious, junky affair for a lot of us, and it's about to take another step to helping us clean out our inboxes. According to a report over at Android Police, users of Google's Inbox app will start seeing new tips tha…
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Tesla Autopilot promo shows what it can do for your commute

Why let fans make the videos when you can do it yourself? Tesla Motors just made public a new video — if it ever runs as a TV ad, it could be the company's first one — promoting it Autopilot feature that do a lot of the driving on their own. Now, t…
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[Deal] Save 20% on Skinit orders with our exclusive promo code!


Phones, tablets, and everything else we buy come in a limited variety of styles. Because not every company offers the same amount of customization as Motorola with Moto Maker, accessories are extremely valuable. Cases and skins are what make it possible to truly differentiate your device from any others. Skinit takes accessories and the personalizing of them to the next level by featuring unique designs and branding from the world’s top franchises. Even better is the ability to create custom cases with your personal pictures stamped onto them.

The people at Skinit, being the avid readers and fans of Talk Android they are, want to give you the opportunity to save on their cases and skins. So we’re estatic to tell you that you can save 20% on your order at Skinit by using a promo code that is exclusive to our supporters.


Skinit’s inventory is massive, spanning across practically everything you can think of. They cover professional and college sports teams, the Marvel Universe, DC Comics’ world, pop culture, lifestyle, art, patterns, textures, and artists. You can spend way more than a few minutes going through Skinit’s offerings.

Outside of cases and covers for phones and tablets, Skinit also designs for laptops, video game consoles, and controllers.

All you’ll need to save 20% on your order is this promo code: talkandroid20. Just use that and Skinit will know that you’re with us! Then you can enjoy saving money and await the arrival of your fancy new case or skin.


*Promo code expires on January 31, 2016; it cannot be used on gift cards or combined with other offers.

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