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Tweet with #GIFhistory to learn your favorite GIF’s origin

There's a good chance you've seen a classic GIF and wondered just where it came from. But where do you start looking if the answer isn't obvious, and you don't want to comb through a dedicated website? If you use Twitter, you just have to ask. Fil…
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Trump’s Nordstrom tweet isn’t illegal, but it’s still a problem

When Donald Trump became president of the United States, many thought his off-the-cuff tweeting days were over. Surely he would adopt the seriousness of his new role as leader of the free world and apply more discretion over what he says on social me…
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Theater community rages against AT&T for ill-conceived tweet

In this session of Failed Marketing 101, AT&T upsets the theater community with a recent tweet that insinuated you should use your phone to watch football during a theater performance. As you can imagine, that tweet didn’t go over very well.

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