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A closer look at Vivo’s all-glass, port-free concept 5G phone

Picture this: you're holding two glossy all-glass concept phones for a photo, then one slips off and shatters another unit on the table. The room goes quiet. Everyone looks on in awe. You are left red-faced not because you broke a phone, but because…
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Xiaomi’s flexible phone concept folds on both sides

Xiaomi truly is working on a foldable phone, company president and co-founder Lin Bin has confirmed in a teaser he posted on Weibo. In the video, you'll see the executive using a tablet-sized gadget — until he folds its sides and uses it like you wo…
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Infiniti unveils its electric QX Inspiration concept

Infiniti is surprisingly late to the EV game, considering what its rivals are doing and the fact that parent Nissan has been making the Leaf since 2010. It just unveiled the QX Inspiration, a concept rather than a production car, that it will show of…
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Nissan’s electric SUV concept will enter production

Nissan's current electric car lineup revolves almost exclusively around the Leaf, but it's ready to diversify its selection. The company's European design chief Mamoru Aoki has revealed to Autocar that a production version of the IMx concept SUV (abo…
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Google exploring concept of a dedicated YouTube Edition Android phone

According to a report of a survey currently underway by Google, the company is exploring a unique specialization for a smartphone. The survey seeks input on what would be considered a “YouTube Edition” of an Android smartphone. The concepts described in the survey cover software, interface and even potential hardware. For consumers of content, the […]

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Sony’s autonomous concept would make a great party bus

Sony's concept vehicle is all about entertainment on the go. Naturally. Its SC-1 (translated) is more or less a shuttle outfitted with high-res image sensors, displays, AI, 5G data connectivity via Docomo, alternative fuels, LIDAR and a bevy of ultra…
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Feel like you’re flying in VR using these clever Samsung concept headphones

Samsung has flung the doors of its concept product lab open again, showing off three new projects, including a set of headphones that make VR a full-motion experience, and a pair of fun new apps.

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Panoz unveils a concept version of its arrow-shaped road car

Panoz's years-long vision of an arrow-shaped road car is finally coalescing into something tangible. The automaker has unveiled a real-world concept version of the car, the DeltaWing GT, that shows that the idea isn't far-fetched. Despite Panoz's…
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