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The Morning After: The world of cryptocurrency continues to wobble

Transaction freezes at Celsius Networks, which we reported on a few days ago, seem to be just the start of another stormy week in cryptocurrency. Binance has been sued over the collapse of the TerraUSD stablecoin, and Coinbase — one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms — cut over 1,000 jobs ahead of difficult economic conditions. The layoffs were abrupt. Coinbase cut affected employees’ system access at the same time as the announcement, to prevent “rash decision[s]” by outgoing staff.

TerraUSD’s value collapsed in May, causing massive losses for investors, who trusted its classification as a stablecoin that’s supposed to maintain its value of $ 1 per coin. Unlike other stablecoins backed by real-world assets, though, TerraUSD is an “algorithmic” stablecoin not backed by fiat currency — like the US dollar.

Instead, it’s backed by a cryptocurrency called Luna and has a mechanism to restore its value to $ 1 if it ever falls. That’s the issue a Utah resident took against Binance, accusing it of falsely advertising TerraUSD as a safe asset, backed by fiat currency.

There’s a “crypto winter” coming, according to Coinbase’s chief Brian Armstrong — it’s just started in the summer.

— Mat Smith


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The best smartwatches

No, the Apple Watch isn’t your only option.


The wearable world is heaving, but a few key players have muscled their way to the front of the pack. Maybe you want to reach for your phone less throughout the day, or maybe you want to stay connected but more discretely. Whatever the reason, we’ve laid out exactly what you need to look for and made several recommendations for your first steps into wearables, across iOS and Android.

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The UK just eliminated its EV rebate incentive

‘The government has always been clear the plug-in car grant was temporary.’

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

The UK government has ended its plug-in car grant program, effective immediately. The scheme launched in 2011, with grants up to £5,000 ($ 6,089) or 25 percent of the cost of the car, which gradually reduced to £1,500 ($ 1,827) — until today. The grant ends on future sales but will still be honored for any buyers that already applied for it.

The UK government now plans to focus on charging stations but didn’t say if it planned to boost the £1.6 billion budget it had already set aside.

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WhatsApp finally makes moving from Android to iOS less painful

Many of us can relate.

If the thought of losing all your WhatsApp chat histories has kept you from making the jump to iOS, you no longer have to worry. Today, the app is adding a feature to help you move your content using Apple’s Move to iOS tool. The feature is available as a beta for now, so you may notice a few bugs during the transfer.

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The 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 will be available to pre-order on June 17th

The upgraded laptop will reach customers on June 24th.

Apple has announced it’ll start taking orders for the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 on June 17th for deliveries on June 24th. The system starts at $ 1,299 ($ 1,199 for education) with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. In a sense, its greatest rival will come from Apple: the still-to-be-released MacBook Air M2. You won’t get a cooling fan or the longest possible runtime, but you will get a larger screen, a MagSafe power connection, more free ports and a slimmer, lighter chassis.

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Microsoft ends Internet Explorer support in Windows 10

It’s the end of an era you probably won’t miss.

Microsoft will no longer support the Internet Explorer 11 desktop app for Windows 10 as of, well, today. You’ll still receive IE11 support if you’re using Windows Server 2022 or an earlier OS release with a long-term service extension, but this marks the effective end of software updates for most of us.

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Apple TV will stream every MLS game for a decade, starting in 2023

You’ll need a separate subscription to catch every match.

Starting in 2023, Apple TV will be the only place to watch every Major League Soccer game for the next decade. Soccer fans around the world will be able to stream all of the league’s matches through the Apple TV app. Notably, there won’t be any restrictions or regional blackouts.

If you’re planning to watch every match, you masochist, you need to subscribe to a new MLS streaming service, which will only be available through the Apple TV app.

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Netflix is creating a real-world competition based on ‘Squid Game’

Just less bleak.

Variety reports that Netflix is creating a reality competition show, Squid Game: The Challenge, based on the Korean series. The 10-episode production will pit 456 people against each other in games both “inspired” by the show as well as new events.

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OnePlus continues teasing the OnePlus 10 Pro, this time revealing top specs

OnePlus has made a selection of the top specs for its forthcoming OnePlus 10 Pro 5G phone official, including details on the processor, software, and screen.
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Google Discover continues to blend with social media, rumored to pick up a likes counter

Google has long flirted with the idea of their own successful social media network. Obviously Google+ began and ended as a terrible dumpster fire (we did at least get Google Photos out of it, to be fair) but they’ve also thrown in a few social media type features into their other products over the years. […]

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‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ continues April 5th

You won't have to wait long if you're craving another fix of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Netflix has confirmed that Part 2 of the teenage witch saga will arrive on April 5th. The accompanying teaser doesn't say a whole lot about what's coming n…
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Google’s leaky ship continues with even more Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL renders

There’s pretty much no way to slice it and make it sound better, but Google has utterly failed to keep anything secret about their Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. This is probably the most leaked phone that we’ve dealt with in recent memory, and somehow we’re still seeing more things surface ahead of the […]

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Samsung Pay continues to expand, this time to Italy

Samsung Pay is an integral part of the Galaxy experience, and they’ve been toiling away trying to bring it to more and more markets. The latest addition to the company’s mobile payment system will now allow it to be used in Italy, bringing Samsung Pay to a total of 21 locations around the world.  Samsung […]

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Qualcomm and Broadcom make moves as the merger saga continues

Qualcomm and Broadcom, the world's two largest chipmakers, have been in a will-they/won't-they dance for quite awhile now in regards to a merger. Today, the companies made dueling announcements: Qualcomm brought in Jeffrey Henderson as an independent…
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US continues to blacklist China’s eBay over counterfeit goods

Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba's counterfeit goods problem refuses to go away. Despite noting improvements on takedown efforts, the Office of the US Trade Representative has again blacklisted Alibaba's eBay-like Taobao shopping site.
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T-Mobile, Sprint merger watch continues with final details being worked out

According to sources, T-Mobile and Sprint are in the final stages of working out a deal for the companies to merge. These sources say the companies are trying to target their quarterly earnings announcement dates to have everything nailed down. Those announcements should happen in just over a couple weeks from now. Besides some final […]

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Run the Jewels’ video game tour continues in ‘FIFA 18’

Killer Mike and El-P, collectively known as Run the Jewels, are no strangers to video games. Previously they appeared in Gears of War 4 as multiplayer characters, and now the duo are lending their talents to FIFA 18. Or, at least, their iconography….
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HTC continues to struggle financially in latest report for 3rd quarter

HTC’s financial woes have been a recurring theme for the company for several years now after falling from its perch as the leader in Android smartphone production. The current year has been marked by the release of the generally well-received HTC 10, the HTC VIVE, and perhaps most importantly, HTC’s position as manufacturer for the […]

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