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House chair asks tech CEOs to speak about New Zealand shooting response

Internet companies say they've been scrambling to remove video of the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, but US politicians are concerned they haven't been doing enough. The Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Bennie Thomp…
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Apple explains iPad Pro build process in response to bending concerns

When Apple first responded to concerns that its iPad Pros were shipping with a slight bend, the company essentially said that it's a non-issue. Since that will definitely not be enough for a lot of people, Apple has detailed the device's manufacturin…
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In response to Nokia lawsuit, Apple pulls all Withings products

Just a few days after Nokia announced a series of lawsuits against the iEmpire, Apple seems to have tacitly agreed to engage in battle by pulling all Withings products from its digital shelves.

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GOP website outed its response to the VP debate a bit early

Today the Republican National Committee showed tech companies aren't the only ones to get a little jumpy with the publish button. Following Apple's early Twitter leak of the iPhone 7, the GOP website pushed up blog posts declaring its VP candidate, M…
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