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‘Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition’ arrives this fall

Microsoft revealed at its E3 event that Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition will arrive this fall. As with the updated Age of Empires, this version of the classic RTS includes 4K support and remastered audio, as well as a brand-new campaign called T…
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Philip K. Dick’s ‘The Great C’ for Oculus Rift arrives this October

The virtual reality adaptation of Philip K. Dick's The Great C is now making its way to VR headsets after debuting at the Venice Film Festival. It will be available for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as soon as October 9th, but PlayStation VR owners wi…
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‘Fortnite’ season six arrives with invisibility and pets

It feels like we had to wait forever, but it's finally here: Fortnite season six has begun. As is customary with any new competitive window, tonnes of new content has landed, but it's also time to say goodbye to items and locations you may have come…
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Gmail’s ‘Confidential Mode’ arrives on mobile devices

Google's big Gmail redesign was revealed this past April (with G Suite customers getting the first look). It became default for everyone starting in July. One of the key features, Confidential Mode, is now available for mobile devices, though not eve…
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‘Dark Souls: Remastered’ arrives on Nintendo Switch October 19th

Dark Souls fans have eagerly been awaiting the release of the game on Nintendo Switch, and now we finally have a date for you. The remastered port and its matching amiibo will land on October 19th.
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‘A Normal Lost Phone’ arrives on Nintendo Switch March 1st

A Normal Lost Phone is the kind of indie game that seizes a tricky niche (mobile gaming) and leans into the form factor for a unique experience — a Gone Home or Life Is Strange that takes place entirely within a mock phone interface. The game will l…
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Xbox party chat arrives on iOS in beta

You no longer need an Android phone if you want to join in Xbox party chats when you're away from your console — Microsoft has introduced party chat to the beta Xbox app for iOS. If you've been accepted into the program (you have to sign up first),…
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‘Arktika.1’ shooter arrives on Oculus Rift October 10th

Oculus Rift's next big exclusive — Arktika.1 — from the team behind the Metro shooters will be released October 10th. That's right, over a full year after its debut at Oculus Connect 3, folks at home will finally be able to give the motion-controll…
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VR throwback ‘Duck Season’ arrives September 14th

Stress Level Zero's Duck Season caught our eye for a number of reasons. It's not just a VR callback to the NES hit Duck Hunt, it's a broader celebration of '80s culture… with a horror twist, to boot. And now, you'll get to see whether or not it's…
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Culinary co-op ‘Overcooked’ arrives on Nintendo Switch

Overcooked, the game from publisher Team17 and developer Ghost Town Games that has players chaotically cooking recipes and serving dishes is now available for Nintendo Switch. The game has been well received with nominations for multiple Independent…
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Comcast’s all-in-one Xfinity Stream app arrives February 28th

Say goodbye to the Xfinity TV app as you knew it… not that you'll necessarily mind. Comcast has unveiled a replacement mobile app, Xfinity Stream, that promises to cover just about everything you can do with your TV subscription. You'll have in-h…
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Galaxy J3 Emerge arrives on Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile on January 6

Sprint is getting ready to launch the Galaxy J3 (2017) on January 6, according to a report from Venture Beat. Not only that, but it’ll be offering it on two of its subsidiaries as well: Boost and Virgin Mobile. We’ve got the details after the break. What you’re seeing in the image above is the […]

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Rockstar classic ‘Bully’ arrives on iOS and Android

Think of Rockstar and your mind probably jumps to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, or Red Dead Redemption. While excellent games, they've arguably overshadowed an oft-forgotten classic from the PlayStation 2 era: Bully. The adventures of Jimmy Hopkins…
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Apple Watch Nike+ arrives on October 28th

If you've been holding off on getting an Apple Watch Series 2 in hopes of scoring the running-oriented Nike+ edition, you only have a few more days to wait. Apple has updated its product page to reveal that Apple Watch Nike+ will be available on Oct…
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Windows 10’s Anniversary Update arrives

After a few months of hype, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is here… well, mostly. Microsoft has started rolling out the upgrade to desktop users, who'll automatically receive it stages with "newer machines" getting it first. You can update man…
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Windows 10’s Anniversary Update arrives this summer

Just because Microsoft is less focused on monolithic Windows releases doesn't mean it's forgetting to deliver big upgrades. The company has used Build 2016 to announce an Anniversary Update for Windows 10 that brings some hefty improvements. For on…
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No ads allowed: AdBlocker Plus arrives to protect iOS and Android devices from annoying ads

AdBlock Plus has launched the AdBlock Browser on iOS and Google Play earlier today. The app arrives a few weeks before Apple’s Safari content blocker becomes available on iOS 9. The browser will automatically block almost all adverts.

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