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What are the benefits of 5G? How it helps you today (and tomorrow)

New 5G technology promises to revolutionize the way we communicate, but what are the tangible benefits it offers today, and what will it do in the future?
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Google’s ‘Switch to Android’ app helps iOS users do just that

Google has finally countered Apple's "Move to iOS" app by releasing "Switch to Android" for iOS on the App Store, confirming earlier rumors. As the name indicates, it's designed to help iPhone and iPad users import contacts, photos, calendars and video to an Android device. It also shows users how to turn off iMessage in favor of Android messaging and transfer photos/videos by connecting to iCloud. 

Google dropped the new app without a lot of fanfare, as TechCrunch notes. On its Switch to Android website, the app is still not mentioned and can only be found on the App Store with a direct link — search results still turn up nothing.

Google's 'Switch to Android' app is finally available on iOS

The app is a big improvement over the current system, which requires you to back up photos, video, calendar and contacts using the Google Drive iOS app. It was first spotted last summer by 9to5Google in code tucked into Google's Data Transfer Tool, and seen in a more recent release with the ability to import iCloud video and photos into Google Photos. 

Apple's equivalent app arrived way back in September 2015, so Google certainly took its time responding. "Move to iOS" works in much the same way, helping users import photos, video, messages, contacts and more over to an iOS device. One Android device maker, Samsung, has its own device migration app as well called Smart Switch, helping you switch from an iPhone or other Android device to a Galaxy smartphone. However, it's only available on Google Play or its own Galaxy store and doesn't run on iOS. 

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The Morning After: Tech that helps with those New Year’s resolutions

Welcome to the new year. How are those resolutions coming along? (Don't worry, we can help.)

Contrary to my expectations, CES 2022 is still happening. However, the organizers have announced that the tech show will be cut short by a day, as COVID-19 cases continue to surge. It’s also kind of started early, with some big announcements from Samsung already, including putting NFTs into its TVs, and an upgraded eco TV remote that sips on your WiFi waves for energy.

Expect a week of hardware announcements, even if chances to play with and assess these new devices are a little limited without attendance in person.

-Mat Smith

Alienware's Concept Nyx is like a Plex server for your PC games

But will it appeal to anyone beyond PC gaming fanatics?

Alienware’s newest concept can be boiled down to a gaming server that runs on your home network. You could conceivably run two games at once on your television, as Engadget saw during a recent demo in NYC. Since all of the rendering and network processing is happening in your home, Nyx would also be a lower latency experience than traditional cloud gaming.

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This is a shiatsu hand massager for gamers

A hand warmer setting may help you get good.


To help soothe their weary mitts, Japanese company Bauhutte has created a hand massager for gamers. The device works on either hand and has a 15-layer airbag for each finger and a shiatsu plate for the palm. There are two main options: a Shiatsu mode for the entire hand, and one that focuses on stretching fingers.

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The next AirPods Pro might support lossless audio

You might have an easier time finding your case, too.

Now that the third-generation AirPods offer some of the same features as the AirPods Pro, how will Apple’s higher-end wireless earbuds stand out? Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple is launching its second-generation Pro earbuds in the fall with support for Apple Lossless (ALAC) audio. Kuo expects the updated headphones will offer a "new form factor design" and that the new buds will supposedly include a charging case that can make sounds, much like AirTags, to help find it behind your couch cushions.

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Samsung’s latest remote turns router radio waves into energy

The 2022 Eco Remote has a white option to match Samsung's lifestyle TVs.


Samsung has revamped the solar-charging remote it debuted at last year’s CES. Along with using light to top up the battery, Samsung says the latest Eco Remote can convert routers' radio waves into energy to stay fully charged. There's still a solar panel on the rear of the remote, which is also made with recycled materials. 

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Twitter bans Marjorie Taylor Greene's personal account

Due to repeatedly spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

Twitter has banned Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's personal account after a fifth "strike" for spreading COVID-19 misinformation. A fifth strike means it’s a permanent ban.

In the past year, she claimed in July that COVID-19 wasn't dangerous unless you were over 65 or obese, and in August said vaccines were "failing" against the new coronavirus' Delta variant. Both statements were untrue. The posts respectively led to 12-hour and one-week suspensions. Her official account is still active as of this writing because it hasn't run afoul of Twitter's rules. Beyond that, she may have to wait around for TRUTH Social to finally launch.

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The biggest news stories you might have missed

The tech industry's accessibility report card for 2021

Netflix will be required to stream 20 state TV channels in Russia

Samsung's 2022 QLED TVs include the first 144Hz 4K and 8K sets

Tech that can help you stick to your New Year's resolutions

And the biggest losers in tech in 2021 are..

Samsung is putting NFTs in its smart TVs

Square Enix is investing in decentralized blockchain games

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Raspberry Pi’s Build HAT helps students build LEGO robots

Raspberry Pi has launched a new product that would make it easier to build robots out of LEGO components. The Build HAT (or Hardware Attached on Top), as it is called, is an add-on device that plugs into the Pi's 40-pin GPIO header. It was specifically designed to make it easy to use Pi hardware to control up to four LEGO Technic motors and sensors from the the toy company's Education Spike kits. Those sets are meant as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) learning tool for young students. The HAT also works with motors and sensors from the Mindstorms Robot Inventor kit.

In addition to the Build HAT itself, the company has created a Python library that can help students build prototypes using a Raspberry Pi and LEGO components. Plus, Raspberry Pi designed a $ 15 power supply for the HAT that can also power the motors and sensors attached to it. The Build HAT will set buyers back $ 25 each, and it works with all 40-pin GPIO Raspberry Pi boards, including the Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi Zero. 

Those who want to make sure that their LEGO components will work with the HAT can also check out Raspberry Pi's handy list of compatible components. Finally, those who need a bit of help to get started can try follow one of Pi's project guides, which include a DIY game controller, a robot buggy that can be controlled via Bluetooth and a robotic face.

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NASA crowdsourcing helps build a better Moon digging robot

NASA’s Artemis program will eventually need robots to help live off the lunar soil, and it’s enlisting help from the public to make those robots viable. The space agency has picked winners from a design challenge that tasked people with improving the…
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FBI program helps companies fool hackers with ‘decoy data’

The FBI thinks it has a way for companies to limit the damage from data breaches: lure thieves into taking the wrong data. Ars Technica has learned of an FBI program, IDLE (Illicit Data Loss Exploitation), that has companies plant "decoy data" to co…
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Xbox One update helps you buy the games your friends are playing

It could soon be all too easy to cave into peer pressure if you're an Xbox One owner. Microsoft is trotting out a Guide update that not only lets you obtain more info about the games your friends are playing, but buy them, install them or play them….
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Bosch’s electric stroller tech helps carry your baby uphill

It's not just grown-ups that might appreciate electrified transport. Bosch has unveiled an "eStroller" system that uses dual electric motors and sensors to not only reduce the effort involved in carting your young one around, but prevent the stroller…
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MIT’s sensor-packed glove helps AI identify objects by touch

Researchers have spent years trying to teach robots how to grip different objects without crushing or dropping them. They could be one step closer, thanks to this low-cost, sensor-packed glove. In a paper published in Nature, a team of MIT scientists…
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Verily’s algorithm helps prevent eye disease in India

Verily's efforts to spot and prevent eye disease through algorithms are becoming more tangible. The Alphabet-owned company has revealed that its eye disease algorithm is seeing its first real-world use at the Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, India. T…
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Facebook Stories test helps you invite friends to events

It's hard to make events exciting in Facebook. You can plan things down to the smallest detail, but that won't matter if people don't notice your event amid all the puppy videos and heated debates. Facebook may have a simple solution: put events wh…
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DFree helps the incontinent heed the call of nature

Most folks have little trouble recognizing when their bladders are nearly at capacity and are able to plan accordingly. However for the elderly, disabled, and infirm, doing so isn't always quite so easy. But that's where the DFree from Triple W comes…
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Google finally admits that dark mode helps with battery life on OLED displays

It’s something that most Samsung users have been aware of since the Galaxy S2 launched; AMOLED (OLED) displays use much less power when showing dark or true black wallpapers. In its quest to implement its Material Design that brought blinding white brightness to its apps as well as encouraging app developers to follow suit, Google has […]

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AI-enabled Guess store helps you create an ensemble

You can try Amazon's Echo Look if you want AI to offer fashion advice at home. But what if you're at the store, and would rather not hem and haw while you decide if that top goes with those jeans? Guess and Alibaba think they can help. They've wor…
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‘Hamilton’ app helps you get tickets, take embarrassing selfies

Hamilton: An American Musical is the most popular Broadway production in recent memory, and now it's coming to your phone — beyond the soundtrack (and mixtape) you've had on repeat the last two years. Hamilton: The Official App has just about everyt…
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Windows 10’s upgraded mapping helps you plan elaborate routes

You likely know that Microsoft packed a lot of improvements into the Windows 10 Creators Update, but there are still a few surprises left… particularly if you use Windows' built-in navigation app to get from A to B. Microsoft has detailed Creators'…
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Clockwork pacemaker powered by the beating of your heart helps keep it ticking

Researchers in Switzerland are working on a clockwork pacemaker with all the mechanical ingenuity of a high-end Swiss watch. Here’s how it works, and why it may be vastly superior to other options.

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Bloomlife pregnancy wearable helps expectant parents understand contractions

The Bloomlife pregnancy wearable monitors contractions and informs women so they can communicate more easily with their birth team. Accurate information about contractions patterns can help educate expectant parents.

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Wearable device helps steady hand of designer who has Parkinson’s disease

A graphic designer diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 29 has regained the ability to draw and write thanks to a wearable device designed by Haiyan Zhang, Microsoft Research Cambridge’s innovation director.

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Google’s new Trusted Contacts app helps keep you safe, even if your phone is off

Google has just released an app called Trusted Contacts that allows you to share your location with your emergency contacts with a single touch. The company hopes it will help keep users safe.

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Spontime is a social media network that helps you to spend less time on social media

Social media has taken over our lives — many prefer to spend more time on social media than they do fostering relationships in real life. Spontime, aimed at sparking real-life interactions, is here to change that.

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Final Cut Pro X helps small company delight world’s biggest clients

When Trim Editing started creating music videos over a decade ago, just paying the rent was a huge accomplishment. Now, the small East London company is crafting award-winning visuals for big brands — like Audi, Nike, Adidas, and Guinness — propelled by the power of Final Cut Pro X. The video editing software’s comprehensive features allow Trim Editing to organize film and audio clips, pull together compelling projects, and make changes on the fly. “When I’m playing back an edit for a director, they’ll say, ‘Okay, let’s go and make those changes I talked about.’ I’ll say, ‘Oh, no, they’re already done,’ and we’ll jump back and watch it again. People can’t believe that I’ve magically done the change before we even finish playback,” says editor Thomas Grove Carter.
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Wistiki is a stylish tracker that helps you find your lost devices

Bluetooth trackers aren’t really new products — but they’re becoming more stylish, if that’s your thing. Wistiki just successfully funded their sleek trackers on Indiegogo, and they’re $ 50 a pop.

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YouTube Kids app update helps parents tackle dodgy content

Google touts it as a “family friendly” app but since YouTube Kids’ launch in February a number of consumer groups have been complaining about inappropriate content on the service. Google says a new update aims to tackle ongoing concerns about the app.

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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good: Marauder’s Map Chrome extension helps you stalk friends

A new Chrome extension uses Messenger to display a map of your Facebook friends’ recorded locations, based on their Messenger usage. It’s pretty much as scary and creepy as it sounds.

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