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Apple reportedly tells workers they’re allowed to discuss conditions and pay

Apple might be eager to minimize future complaints about working conditions. NBC News said it obtained a newly released internal memo telling employees they're allowed to discuss conditions and pay outside the company. Staffers should be free to talk about issues in the way they "feel most comfortable," including with managers and the People (human resources) team.

We've asked Apple if it can confirm the memo and comment on the release. The statement would reinforce the rights private workers already have under the National Labor Relations Act, which lets workers both organize and discuss conditions, as well Apple's own conduct policy.

Provided the news is accurate, it could represent a bittersweet moment for critics of Apple's working culture. The memo supports their beliefs the company unfairly limited talk about labor issues by shutting down surveys and Slack channels. Employees like Ashley Gjøvik also accused Apple of punishing workers for speaking out for by putting them on leave or even firing them.

However, the statement is also coming too late to prevent significant damage. Apple now faces eight labor charges alleging issues like harassment and wrongful dismissal. Outspoken #AppleToo advocate Cher Scarlett (who settled with Apple) just left the company, too. While a memo like this might allow more discussion going forward, it can't change the past.

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Amazon workers sue over alleged failure to follow COVID-19 guidelines

Amazon is facing more scrutiny over its handling of COVID-19 at its warehouses. Workers at the internet retailer’s Staten Island warehouse have filed a lawsuit (via CNBC) accusing the company of failing to follow CDC and New York state public health…
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Amazon asks workers to request leave if they continue staying at home

Amazon warehouse workers wanting to stay home to avoid COVID-19 will soon have to make a formal request. The online retailer is asking staff staying home to either report to their shifts starting May 1st or else request a leave of absence. A spokespe…
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Instacart workers go on strike after rejecting mild concessions

Instacart hasn't had success trying to avert a strike over a lack of COVID-19 protections. The Gig Workers Collective has declared that a shopper strike is "still on" after asserting that Instacart's concessions were inadequate. A change that sets…
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Microsoft workers say it’s making progress on diversity

Microsoft's push for greater diversity in its workforce appears to be paying off, and it's not just the company's management saying so this time. The tech giant's 2019 Diversity and Inclusion report offers the first public glimpse at Microsoft's Incl…
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DoorDash CEO announces that now your tips will go to delivery workers

Earlier this year, news reports exposed that not only did DoorDash (and others, like Instacart) sometimes lower its payout to delivery workers when customers tipped, its payment system didn't make clear that this was happening. Last month it changed…
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The Amazon Prime Day strike could be a turning point for workers’ rights

Today, Amazon will start its fifth annual Prime Day, which has been expanded to 48 hours this year. Designed to enlist (and keep) Prime members, it is the company's biggest shopping event of the year — on the same level as Black Friday — with exten…
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California advances bill offering protections to gig economy workers

Gig economy companies like Uber and Lyft have fought hard to avoid treating workers as full-fledged employees, but they might not have much choice in California before long. The state Assembly has passed a bill, AB5, that would require businesses to…
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GoFundMe launches campaign for government workers hit by shutdown

People have frequently used GoFundMe to lend a helping hand to others in need of some help, but the site itself is getting involved in light of the US government shutdown. The company has teamed up with Deepak Chopra to launch a donation campaign fo…
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Uber just lost a huge case — U.K. drivers now considered workers

In a court case that may have ramifications in the U.S., U.K. Uber drivers are now considered workers entitled to minimum wage and paid time off. Uber said it will appeal, stating the majority of its drivers prefer to be self-employed.

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Sharp tells its workers to buy its products to help dig it out of financial hole

Struggling Sharp has told its workers to buy a load of Sharp stuff this holiday season to help dig it out of its financial mess. The Japanese electronics maker has even offered guidelines suggesting how much money different types of workers should spend.

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Facebook wants to give its workers a taste of India’s struggle with 2G Tuesdays

It is all too easy to think that everyone experiences the Internet in the same way, but Facebook wants its developers to understand the struggles in countries with super-slow connection speeds.

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