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Deezer’s lossless audio finally comes to Android, iOS and the web

Deezer's lossless audio rollout has been slow, to put it mildly — it first reached connected speakers in 2014, didn't come to desktop apps until 2017, and has been a no-show elsewhere. It's widely available now, though. The service has launched its…
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Lights out dark mode comes to Twitter on Android

Twitter rolled out dark mode on their app a while back, but they also had an iOS exclusive “lights out” mode that turned the grays into real blacks. You would think that would’ve come to Android first since iPhones have only recently started even using OLED displays, but here we are. Anyway, that discrepancy is […]

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The 40mm Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a new battery design

Apple's latest smartwatch model isn't that different from Series 4, but its 40mm version is apparently hiding a component that's dramatically different from its peers. iFixit has discovered that the smaller Series 5 watch uses a battery encased in me…
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‘Call of Duty’ comes to mobile on October 1st

Get ready to compete in Team Deathmatch or play Battle Royale on your smartphone. Activision announced today that Call of Duty: Mobile will be released on Android and iOS devices on October 1st. The game, developed by Tencent's Timi Studio, will be f…
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Take your tunes on the road: YouTube Music comes to Waze

Drivers, rejoice! Never worry again about switching between YouTube Music (to listen) and Waze (to navigate). Rolling out today, YouTube Premium and Music Premium subscribers can safely listen to their favorite music from directly within the Waze app, where they get their directions. All of the albums, playlists, personalized mixes, and more that fans love to listen to are now available with a couple of quick taps as they navigate to where they need to go. With YouTube Music and Waze together in one experience, there has never been a more entertaining way to get around.

To listen to your favorites in YouTube Music as you drive with Waze, download the YouTube Music app for Android or iOS and start your free trial of YouTube Music Premium. Follow these simple steps to start listening:

  • Open the Waze app
  • Tap the music note icon to select YouTube Music as your audio app, and start enjoying your audio content directly from Waze.
  • Don’t see the music note icon? Head to Settings > Audio Player to turn on “Show Audio Player”

Rolling out from today and soon available to all 50 markets where both YouTube Music and Waze are accessible, subscribers can now easily play music as they drive safely. Check out these YouTube Music playlists to queue up while on the road, and happy cruising!

  • New Release Mix – Catch up on the latest drops as you drive, with this playlist filled with brand new music, selected just for you.
  • Dance Pop Bangers – Soundtrack your party, or your road trip, with these party hits.

Lawrence Kennedy

Product Manager, YouTube Music

Lawrence recently listened to Dance Pop Bangers while driving with Waze

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‘Travis Strikes Again’ comes to PC and PS4 on October 17th

You won't have to own a Switch to play a modern take on the No More Heroes universe. Suda51's Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition is now slated to launch on PC (via Steam) and PS4 October 17th. The expanded title includes both the…
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Long overdue, Amazon Prime Video comes to Chromecast and Android TV (and Fire TV gets YouTube)

If you’re an avid media enthusiast or a cord-cutter, you’ve probably run into the painful reality of Amazon and Google not really getting along. So far that’s limited some app availability between the two platforms. Google semi-recently pulled YouTube from Amazon’s Fire TV platform, and Amazon has never had a Google Cast option or Android […]

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Google Pixel 3a gets a teardown and comes out way better than expected

The last major phone teardown that made the news was Samsung’s poorly designed Galaxy Fold. It didn’t last very long, either, since Samsung contacted iFixit and asked them to remove it, stirring up even more bad press. The good news for Google is that their Pixel 3a looks (relatively) easy to take apart and repair, […]

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YouTube Music comes to Sonos

YouTube Music just got a little bit louder! Beginning today, YouTube Music is now available to play on all Sonos speakers. Through the Sonos app, fans around the world with a YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription can now easily play official songs, albums, thousands of playlists, and artist radioon top of YouTube’s tremendous catalog of remixes, live performances, covers that you can’t find anywhere else.

Check out some of the YouTube Music features available on Sonos:


Loaded with listening suggestions based on your favorites, Recommended has playlists for your every mood, plus your favorites and last played, ready to go. From Mellow Moods to Energy Boosters to Throwback Jams, quickly find what’s right for you in the moment.

New Releases

Find a collection of the freshest music specifically tailored to your tastes. Listen to newly released songs and albums. This week, my list featured Maggie Rogers, YouTube Music’s latest Artist on the Rise.

Top YouTube Charts

YouTube Charts are the best way to see what’s hot in music right now. The Top 100 Songs chart catalogs the most popular songs globally, and you’ll also find a local version that’s tailored to what’s trending in your country.

Your Mixtape

This personalized playlist features a mix of your favorites and new songs we think you’ll love. It’s constantly updating, so you can always count on Your Mixtape to deliver a new combination right at your fingertips within the Sonos app.


Easily find your saved playlists, albums, and songs in your Library.

Available in all countries where YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are available, fans with a subscription can now easily play YouTube Music through a Sonos app. Already have Sonos and ready to try YouTube Music? Start your free trial at, and learn more about setting up your account with Sonos here.

Brandon Bilinski, Product Manager for YouTube Music, who recently listened to “Light On” by Maggie Rogers on his Sonos Play:5

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Google’s phone-calling AI comes to Pixel phones in November

Do you want to be one of the first everyday users to try Google's phone-calling Duplex AI? You'd better have a Pixel device. Google has announced that Pixel users in the US will be the first to have access to the feature in November. If you live in A…
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Plex podcasts comes out of beta, includes Sonos and Android Auto support

Plex recently launched podcast support in beta, adding yet another type of media that’s supported in your Plex experience. Now that we’ve had a chance to test it out and work through some kinks, Plex is officially taking the beta tag off of podcasts and making it official to everyone with a few new features. […]

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Oculus Go comes to Europe and Canada

Customers in the US and Europe have been able to place Oculus Go reservations for a while now, but European VR enthusiasts still haven't received their headsets. That changes today as Oculus has officially opened online purchases and brought its devi…
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Bonjour, Alexa: Amazon’s Echo finally comes to France

While all my American and UK colleagues have had access to Amazon's Alexa for years, I've been left out of the party here in France. At last, however, folks in the nation (and Monaco) can parlez Francais with Alexa on Amazon's Echo, Echo Dot and Echo…
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Facebook’s video app comes to Xbox One

Facebook is continuing its quest to make its video easier to watch in the living room. The company has released a version of its Video app for Xbox One that gives you an easy way to catch videos in between Sea of Thieves sessions. It'll seem famili…
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Lenovo’s Smart Display comes with 8 or 10-inch HD displays and Google Assistant baked in

It’s long been rumored that Google has plans to release a Google Home device with a built-in display. Indeed, it’s perhaps one of the reasons that the search giant pulled YouTube support for Amazon’s Echo Show, a direct competitor. One such product is the Lenovo Smart Display, developed in partnership with Google. The Smart Display features […]

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Tidal’s free 12-day trial comes with new content each day

Starting on Christmas, Tidal will begin a 12-day free trial period that's a little different than a typical trial. Tidal already has a 30-day free trial for its regular and HiFi tier, but this one doesn't require you to put in a credit card first or,…
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December is here and with it comes the expanded Santa Tracker from Google

The ability to track Santa may exist in a place where Moore’s Law applies when one looks at how Google continues to expand their Santa Tracker platform each year. What started out as an online replication of the local TV news “tracking” Santa with the help of NORAD each year has blossomed into a month […]

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Amazon Silk browser comes to most Fire TV devices

Although overshadowed by smart speaker hardware like Google Home and Amazon Echo devices, manufacturers like Google and Amazon first started deploying apps to go along with content on their hardware via the television and their streaming devices like the Chromecast or Fire TV boxes. While it may not seem like the most intuitive app to […]

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Microsoft’s Edge browser comes to iOS and Android for beta testing

Microsoft's new mobile strategy? Bring as many of its services as it can to other platforms. That started with Microsoft Office and Cortana, and it's continuing with its Edge browser, which is available in beta on iOS and Android today. For now, the…
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Google Pixel camera trick comes to other phones through a mod

Much of the Google Pixel's photographic prowess comes from its software — it's particularly good at high dynamic range photos thanks to its HDR+ mode, which fills in gobs of detail while reducing the blur you sometimes see in HDR shots. But do you h…
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Open-world adventure game ‘Rime’ comes to the Switch this November

Tequila Works' highly-anticipated indie game Rime, formerly planned as a PS4 exclusive, is also headed to PC, the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. While some were worried the open-world adventure would cost more on the Switch (it won't), Rime will still…
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The live-streaming Mevo pocket cam comes to Android, goes 4K on iOS

Livestream has announced that its Mevo live-streaming camera is a getting a host of new updates this summer, including support for Android devices, YouTube live, 1080p streaming, and 4K internal recording.

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Survival smash ‘The Flame in the Flood’ comes to PS4 in January

The Flame in the Flood's distinctive approach to wilderness survival gaming was well-received when it reached PCs and the Xbox One earlier this year, so it's only natural that the game come to PlayStation gamers, right? Right. The Molasses Flood an…
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Birth control for men comes down to flipping a switch

Birth control for men still tends to be divided between condoms (which aren't always fun or reliable) and more drastic surgical procedures like vasectomies (which are frequently permanent). Not exactly ideal, is it? However, inventor Clemens Bimek…
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Huawei’s Honor series comes to the U.S. with the 5X and the Z1 fitness band

The Honor series is officially coming to the U.S., and leading the way are the Honor 5X and the Z1 fitness band. The smartphone and the wearable will be available to purchase on January 31.

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AI is almost as smart as the average high schooler, at least when it comes to the SAT

An AI system managed to score a 500 on the SAT math section, slightly lower than the average score of 513 achieved by high school seniors. While it’s impressive that AI can make it through the test at all, it hasn’t quite outsmarted us yet.

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‘Super Time Force Ultra’ comes to PS4 and PS Vita on September 1st

Super Time Force is one of the more mind-bending indie games to break cover in recent years, and now the time-traveling, side-scrolling shooter is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. As of September 1st, the game will be live in the PlayStatio…
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