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Searching for the perfect way to browse the web quietly and securely? Get a VPN! If you go through a public connection, you could be compromising personal data and get into big problems. So, to prevent that, shop with us and find the right VPN service for you. VPNSecure is available on Talk Android Deals […]

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‘Rocket Man,’ ‘Bennie and the Jets’ and ‘Tiny Dancer’ reimagined for YouTube, by … you!

A little while back, we asked you if you’d like to create the official music videos for three of Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s biggest hits: “Rocket Man,” “Bennie and the Jets” and “Tiny Dancer.” And, well, you answered. Entries flooded in from over 50 countries around the world and you reminded us what magic is made when technology and creativity collide.

These iconic hits – released in 1971, 1972 and 1973 – were made before the emergence of music videos, yielding an opportunity to breathe new creativity into some of the most loved music of all time. We’re so excited to share the results of The Cut, Supported by YouTube with you here, a project dreamed up and made possible by Elton John and Bernie Taupin on the 50th anniversary of their songwriting partnership and designed to support new talent, just like you. The concept was beautifully simple. And the results are amazing.

Video: “Rocket Man”
Visual Medium: Animation
Winner: Majid Adin

Majid Adin’s winning video for “Rocket Man” is a poignant animated work that draws on his personal experiences as an Iranian refugee making his way to England — reimagining the song and giving a new perspective to the lyrics to tell a thought-provoking story of adventure, loneliness and hope. A fine art university graduate working in animation production, Adin travelled across Europe during the 2015 refugee crisis, spending time in the infamous Calais Jungle camp before being granted asylum in the U.K. and now rebuilding his life as an artist in Britain.

Video: “Bennie and the Jets”
Visual Medium: Choreography
Winner: Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill

The “Bennie and the Jets” video has been interpreted by director Jack Whiteley and choreographer/artistic director Laura Brownhill and tells the story of the formation of Bennie and her Jets. The set and central structure takes its inspiration from Fritz Lang’s 1927 science-fiction film, “Metropolis,” while the synchronized choreography is inspired by Busby Berkeley films, and the black-and-white aesthetic is a nod to the classic Hollywood era.

Video: “Tiny Dancer”
Visual Medium: Live action
Winner: Max Weiland

Max Weiland’s winning video for “Tiny Dancer” is a tribute to Los Angeles. The British director’s work shows people from all walks of life traveling around the city, all listening to the same song – “Tiny Dancer.” It’s inspired by Elton and Bernie’s love of California, Max Weiland captures the free-spirited characters of L.A, in this sun-soaked homage to the Golden State.

Thank you for the music … and the videos!

Maya Amoils, Product Marketing Manager, YouTube, recently watched “Katy Perry Goes Undercover as an Art Exhibit at the Whitney Museum | Vanity Fair.”

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More Motorola images leak, this time of the Moto G5S

With Google I/O 2017 wrapped up, it is time for Internet sleuths to get back to work finding images of forthcoming devices and they have not disappointed. New images surfaced today that allege to show the Motorola Moto G5S courtesy of a “trusted source familiar with Lenovo’s plans.” Based on the images and some other information […]

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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ won’t come out in 2017 after all

Apparently, 2017 ain't big enough for Red Dead Redemption 2. The sequel is now slated to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in spring 2018, rather than its initial release window of fall 2017. Rockstar Games announced the delay in a blog post, alongside…
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Nuclear warfare and the technology of peace

The atom captivated the world in 1939. Since the discovery of the neutron in the early 1930s, the international scientific community had been racing to unlock new elements and further understand the immense power trapped inside the smallest, most ba…
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Google hoping new features from Google Payment API make purchases even easier

Despite what seems like a lot of upstream swimming over the last few years, Google has managed to turn Android Pay into one of the more popular and used mobile payment options available for users. In addition to continuing to add more cards and banks to the program, Google is also hoping to expand usage […]

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[TA Deals] Need an endoscopic camera? This is one is just $17.50! (87% off)

You absolutely need an endoscopic camera. Don’t fight us on that. Your head is too big to fit everywhere, and your phone is too valuable to risk squeezing into tight spaces and dropping it. On Talk Android Deals, there’s an endoscopic camera compatible with Android devices. All you do is connect one end to your […]

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Everything that happened at Google I/O 2017

Miss anything from Google I/O 2017? Fear not. We compiled a list of everything that happened. Android Android now has 2 billion active devices Android O coming with picture-in-picture mode, app autofill, and notification dots Android O beta is going up today for Pixel devices, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P Google announces Android Go to […]

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NBC and Viacom are making original shows for Musical.ly

Musical.ly might have professionally made original shows to offer along with user-produced content sometime in the future. According to Bloomberg, the music video app is currently talking to Viacom and Comcast's NBCUniversal about creating original p…
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NOISE on Android from ROLI revealed at Google I/O 2017

To many of the attendees at Google I/O 2017, some of the music that played after the keynote address was completed may have seemed like your typical filler. However, it was much more than that as it represented an unveiling of NOISE on Android from ROLI. NOISE is a modular music app that enables the […]

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SteamVR makes its launcher ‘more social’ with Home

We've seen attempts at free-flowing virtual worlds from the likes of Second Life and the (dearly departed) PlayStation Home, but with VR we're getting another shot at it. First Facebook Spaces appeared, and now Valve is beta testing SteamVR Home. The…
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Melted permafrost floods doomsday seed vault

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was designed to be a repository should the worst happen and a disaster decimate crops around the world. But it was recently breached by floodwater from surrounding permafrost that melted after the hottest year on record…
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G Suite gets more customization tools including new App Maker

As Google I/O 2017 starts to wind down and fans plot their new developments or their next big purchase based on Google tech, the enterprise market got some welcome news about some tools Google will roll out for G Suite. G Suite is Google’s platform mainly intended for the enterprise that gives companies access to […]

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It looks like Microsoft has a new Surface Pro after all

Microsoft VP Panos Panay recently said that "there's no such thing as a Surface Pro 5," and we now know what he meant by that. Images from uber-leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) and his article in Venture Beat show a device simply called the Surface Pro,…
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3D-printed ovaries successfully produce healthy mice pups

Scientists all over the globe are working on the best way to 3D print different human organs for transplant. A team from Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine and McCormick School of Engineering, for instance, are developing 3D-printe…
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Smart Reply being added to Gmail on Android and iOS

One of the themes, if there is one, that seems to be emerging from Google I/O 2017 is the expansion of existing Google technologies to a wider array of platforms. An example of that was the announcement today that the Smart Reply function that Google developed for their Inbox and Allo apps will be added […]

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ARM targets your brain with new implantable chips

Elon Musk isn't the only one getting into the wetworks game. Chip manufacturer ARM announced on Wednesday that it is pairing with the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) at the University of Washington to develop a line of brain-implant…
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Google photos celebrates 500 million users with new features

Google Photos is one of the best new services that’s come out of the search giant, and it just keeps gaining steam. At today’s I/O 2017 keynote, Google announced that Photos has hit an incredible 500 million monthly users, and they’re rolling out a handful of new features to try and build that number up […]

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[TA Deals] Learn multiple programming languages with this bundle for $59

It won’t take long for you to go from zero to hero. The Crash Course Coding Bundle is waiting for you on Talk Android Deals. It includes everything you need to learn multiple programming language on your own time. Here’s what you get: Fundamentals of Operating Systems ($ 295 value) C Programming Part 1 and Part […]

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HTC U11 specifications

It’s time for you to meet U. That’s the U11 from HTC we’re talking about. The company’s 2017 flagship is official, and now we know everything the phone has to offer. From it’s squeeze-friendly body to its better-than-expected camera, you probably want to know exactly what the U11 packs. Hit the break for the spec […]

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OpenAI’s new system lets you train robots entirely in VR

Elon Musk's artificial intelligence platform OpenAI introduced a new program to train robots entirely in simulation. Now they've added a new algorithm, named one-shot imitation learning, which will only require humans to demonstrate a task once in VR…
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Instagram introduces face filters complete with koala ears and crowns

If you’ve been craving animal ears and crowns for your Instagram selfies, the Facebook-owned company is here to save the day as their newest update brings face filters and more to the platform. Join us after the break for the details. In a not-so-subtle jab at Snapchat, Instagram’s face filters will work with both the front […]

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Engadget giveaway: Win a GoPro Hero5 Session and CyberLink software!

With all that's going on in the world, you could immerse yourself in the media or strike out to define your own narrative. This week's giveaway is a starter kit for capturing the world as you see it and editing the output to your whims. CyberLink has…
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Rocket Lab is almost ready to take small payloads into space

Rocket Lab is ready to start testing the rocket it developed to ferry small payloads to space. The US- and New Zealand-based company has decided to launch its Electron rocket anytime within a 10-day window that starts at 5PM Eastern on May 21st. It w…
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Audi, Volvo to add Android Auto to new models

There are many paths to using Android Auto in a vehicle including aftermarket systems that support the framework natively, using a cable to plug your smartphone in and run Android Auto through a vehicle’s system, or running the Android Auto app on your smartphone. Probably the best option though is having access to Android Auto […]

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NHS Trusts ignored patch that would’ve averted malware disaster

The ransomware attack that crippled crucial NHS systems across the UK and continues to cause disruption could have easily been contained, according to NHS Digital. The body, which oversees data and IT infrastructure across the NHS, said hospitals and…
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Features on iOS we want to see on Android

Google’s Android has a lot of great phones in the ecosystem, as well as plenty of excellent features from phone-to-phone; however, there are a handful of features that I, and many others, would no doubt like to see become official Android features. This isn’t speaking in terms of one OS is better than the other, […]

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Redbox bets DVD rental kiosks are making a comeback

Redbox has spent years trying to reduce its dependence on disc rentals, and not without reason. You don't have much as incentive to rent from a kiosk when online video (including from Redbox) is just a heartbeat away. That doesn't mean the company is…
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Microsoft blasts spy agencies for hoarding security exploits

Microsoft is hopping mad that leaked NSA exploits led to the "WannaCry" (aka "WannaCrypt") ransomware wreaking havoc on computers worldwide. Company President Brad Smith has posted a response to the attack that roasts the NSA, CIA and other intellig…
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‘WannaCry’ ransomware evolves despite attempts to kill it

There were predictions that the fast-spreading "WannaCry " (aka "WannaCrypt") ransomware would quickly evolve to get around its domain-based kill switch, and, well… the predictions were right. Security researchers have discovered variants of the Wi…
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Honeywell recalls fire alarm gateway that can’t detect fires

Tech-savvy fire alarm systems aren't without their share of problems, it seems. Honeywell is recalling its SWIFT wireless gateway after learning that the smoke detectors connected to the gateway (usually found in apartments, hotels and offices) won'…
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Alcatel Idol 5 makes some stops on Geekbench on way to market

Alcatel is getting a new device ready in their Idol series of smartphones, which should be marketed as the Idol 5. The device showed up in the past few days in the Geekbench database revealing both some specs for the mid-range smartphone and some insight as to how companies continue to tweak and improve their […]

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Inside sources say T-Mobile, Sprint merger talks have resumed

Although they are at a very preliminary level and informal in nature, inside sources says officials with both SoftBank Group and Sprint have contacted Deutsche Telekom, majority owner of T-Mobile, about a possible merger. The resumption of talks may have been triggered by an April 27th deadline passing that concluded a spectrum auction blackout period for participants […]

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Intel and Samsung back FTC lawsuit against Qualcomm

The Federal Trade Commission kicked off 2017 by targeting Qualcomm over allegedly anti-competitive behavior, and unsurprisingly, companies the chipmaker competes with agree. Intel and Samsung filed briefs supporting the FTC lawsuit, claiming that Qua…
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Watch the world’s first skydive from a drone

Unlike typical consumer-aimed quadcopter drones, Latvian company Aerones specializes in big UAVs that can carry hefty loads. Last year, they showed off one of their big lifter's prowess by towing YouTuber Kaspars Balamovskis on a snowboarding run. To…
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Honoring #AllTheMoms this Mother’s Day

As a mother myself, I’m amazed by all the different mamas that share their stories on YouTube. They help us understand how single moms, married moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, partner moms, #AllTheMoms live their lives. They show us what it means to be a parent today – the joys, the challenges, the moments that make you laugh, sometimes wince and sometimes cry (in the best sort of way).

There are entrepreneurs like Elle, Brooke and Meg of WhatsUpMoms, comedians like Glozell, beauty experts like Louise Pentland, and vloggers that live in every corner of the world. From Nikki Perkins in Australia to Domo and Crissy and Flavia Calina in Brazil, moms of all backgrounds use YouTube to share their reality in ways that are unique to them and the kids they’re raising.

I’m in awe of how this community of moms continues to grow and support one another. Between 2015 and 2016, views of mother-related content grew 81 percent. Most importantly, videos related to education and tips for moms grew a staggering 98 percent over this same amount of time. To help celebrate this community of motherhood, we want to send a Mother’s Day thank you to #AllTheMoms out there who create, watch, learn and use their voices to support mothers around the globe:

To all the moms who get real about breastfeeding, fostering self-esteem, sending a child off to college, feeling glamorous and not-so-glamorous, or just getting groceries: thank you for your honesty. Wherever you come from and whatever your story, we are so thankful you share it with us.

Danielle Tiedt, Chief Marketing Officer at YouTube recently watched these inspiring moms on YouTube.

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HTC teases 360 degree video capture and squeeze gestures

It’s not much of a secret that HTC is working on hardware gestures for its upcoming HTC U 11 flagship device, including a way to squeeze the sides of the phone to interact with it. It’s a very cool concept, but I think it’s safe to say we’re all interested in actually seeing it in […]

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‘Coding Jam’ uses musical blocks to teach kids programming concepts

Last year, Osmo expanded its iPad-based children's learning system with a program that teaches kids to code by linking tangible tiles with on-screen commands. Now the company's expanded its platform with Coding Jam, an add-on that assigns musical ton…
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Microsoft’s design rules push Windows ‘beyond mere rectangles’

Microsoft's Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 might have an ironically uncreative name, but the upgrade itself is flush with artistic potential and useful features. It will give users a timeline to manage complex work sessions, APIs that tie all of…
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More data added to $40 plan on Cricket Wireless, now stands at 4GB

Cricket Wireless just upgraded its Basic tier for those who need a little more high-speed data. Rather than paying $ 40 per month for 3GB of high-speed data, the prepaid carrier’s Basic tier now comes with 4GB at no extra charge. It’s an increase of 33.3% in data for both new and existing customers choosing that […]

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Specifications for the unannounced HTC U 11 make appearance on GFXBench

Next week we’re going to see the HTC U 11 become official, but earlier today specifications for the 2017 flagship appeared online. Here’s what GFXBench, a popular site for benchmarks, picked up on: Everything exposed here aligns with the leaked retail box from last week. The specifications shown in this GFXBench-based report indicate the U […]

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Google blazes new path for Street View ready imagery with new cameras in 2017

Google announced today another step in their efforts to crowd source the images and street views available on their platforms. This latest move from Google promises to reduce the “significant time and effort” it was taking for users to prepare and upload their interactive photography. Google is doing this by introducing a new certification for […]

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Microsoft didn’t make Xbox One’s first easy-pairing headset

In an age where technology is becoming increasingly wireless, it's baffling that Xbox One headsets still require either a transmitter or lengthy wires in order to work. Thankfully, LucidSound's latest is about to change that. Connecting directly to X…
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Pinterest’s app can identify multiple items in one photo

Last year, Pinterest started encouraging its users to buy things with just a photo. Last February it gave everyone in the US access to its new Lens beta, which lets you search for pins of cool things with a snapshot. Today, Pinterest continues to imp…
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More high-end features become affordable with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 660 and 630

Qualcomm’s introduction of the two new processors indicates the company is serious about serving the mid-range segment. The Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630 were made official tonight, and the goal for them is to bring more high-end features to affordable devices. Both are part of the Snapdragon 600 series Qualcomm has positioned for mid-range phones […]

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Newly leaked images give us a better look at the touchscreen-equipped Amazon Echo

We earlier saw a leaked thumbnail image of Amazon’s rumored and upcoming touchscreen-equipped Echo. Due to the quality of the photo, we weren’t able to garner many details from it, but now, thanks to Evan Blass, we’ve got a couple of newly leaked high quality images of the device. This photo does give us a more […]

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This might be our first look at the OnePlus 5

OnePlus has already said that it’s new flagship — the OnePlus 5 — will be launching this summer; however, we haven’t seen any leaked images of the device yet. Today that changes, as someone may have spotted the device on OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei’s Instagram Story. One user saw something a little odd posted to […]

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T-Mobile rolls out a new premium insurance package for customers

T-Mobile has announced a new mobile device and insurance package for their wireless customers, and it’s easily the most comprehensive thing that’s currently in the market. For $ 15 per month you get the usual accidental damage protection, extended warranty, and some cloud backup services, but it also includes identity theft protection, security features like a […]

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Comcast’s xFi app makes setting up your parents’ WiFi less painful

There are plenty of great routers on the market, but most of them have simply horrible interfaces for setting up and configuring your WiFI network. Companies like Google and Apple have built smartphone apps that make managing WiFi much easier, but it…
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NASA is reviewing candidates for its next Solar System mission

NASA might be focusing on Mars recently, but it hasn't forgotten the rest of the Solar System. The agency has begun reviewing the 12 proposals it received for the New Frontiers program, the same one that gave rise to New Horizons, Juno and other nota…
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