Razer’s Hammerhead earphones pack USB-C connectivity to replace your headphone port

Sure, we’re all lamenting the slow demise of the 3.5mm headphone jack, but at least we’re starting to see more manufacturers step up and offer alternative headphones besides Bluetooth options. This time, it’s Razer with a revamped version of their Hammerhead Pro earphones that should work flawlessly with your new Razer Phone. The new headphones […]

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Jeffrey Tambor leaves Amazon’s ‘Transparent’ over harassment claims

The slew of sexual harassment and assault allegations surfacing in Hollywood has affected another major streaming service. Transparent actor Jeffrey Tambor has announced he's leaving the Amazon show after two transgender actresses on the show (Van B…
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Tech incubator Y Combinator severs ties with Peter Thiel

It's safe to say that Peter Thiel's relationship with the tech industry has been… contentious. His wealth and willingness to invest have made him highly influential, but his eagerness to stifle media criticism and (at least for a time) support Pre…
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HMD Global’s Nokia 2 listed on Amazon for only $99

HMD Global‘s Nokia 2, the cheapest phone in their current portfolio of Nokia devices, has shown up on Amazon for U.S. buyers. The Nokia 2 was first announced for India and it was unclear whether the device would make it to the U.S. market. The Amazon listing for the Nokia 2 has it at a […]

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The Razer Phone is now available at select Microsoft Stores

The Razer Phone launched a couple of weeks ago with a US availability date set for November 17th through Razer’s online store. Sales of the phone started a couple of days early on November 15th and Razer had promised that Microsoft Stores in the US would also carry them. As of today, select Microsoft Stores do […]

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[Sponsored] Take advantage of Tomtop’s electric treadmill flash sale!

The new year is right around the corner, which means you’re about to have to deal with keeping your new year’s resolutions. Many of us opt to go for the fitness and health resolution every year, so why not go ahead and buy something that’s going to make that easier? Tomtop, seller of gadgets, gizmos, […]

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NASA satellite launch promises accurate week-long forecasts

NASA and NOAA know that multi-day weather forecasts can be crucial to tracking hurricanes and their aftermath, and they're about to significantly boost the reliability of those forecasts. They just launched JPSS-1 (Joint Polar Satellite System-1), t…
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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the weekend. We'll recap this week's news highlights (take another look at Tesla's new sports car) and check out notable stories from Friday.
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Bloomberg: Verizon’s new NFL streaming deal will stretch to TV

Since 2010, Verizon's wireless arm has had an arrangement for streaming NFL games to phones (and, after they became a thing, also tablets), but Bloomberg reports it will stretch to TVs soon. According to unnamed sources, both parties are close to a n…
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This week’s tech titan 404s | Engadget Today

If you tend to work in Google Docs, you already know about it being down for hours on Wednesday, but only AT&T users had the pleasure of realizing their phones also didn't work for a good portion that same day. To fix it, AT&T told users…
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Dwyane Wade is the latest athlete to have a show on Facebook

Facebook's next pro athlete-centered show will feature the Cleveland Cavaliers' Dwyane Wade. The five-part series will premiere on November 20th and will show what keeps Wade busy when he's off the court. BackCourt Wade follows the three-time NBA cha…
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Toyota plans to start selling EVs in China in 2020

Toyota recently announced plans to design and build EVs with Mazda in the US, but it has big plans elsewhere, too. The automaker will produce electric cars in both China and India starting in 2020, it said in a pair of press releases. Up until now, T…
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Twitter’s slowly rolling out its new Tweetstorm feature

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that should help you rant and rave about your favorite topics, which apparently we’re calling a Tweetstorm. The feature was reportedly in testing before now, but the social network is slowly beginning to push it out for more public users. The change, at least on the Android app, […]

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Motorola teams up with Polaroid for the retro Insta-Share Printer Moto Mod

Going retro seems to be gaining some buzz lately thanks to the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. In a case of good timing, Polaroid has been working with Motorola on a Moto Mod that embodies a retro feel in recreating the concept of pictures printed as they are taken with the new Insta-Share Printer. The […]

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Google Maps has an improved color scheme and new icons for easier navigation

Google Maps has a fresh coat of paint that makes navigation even easier. The driving, navigation, transit and explore maps now highlight relevant information in a clearer way. For example, gas stations will be better marked for navigation as will train stations for transit and so on. An updated color scheme and new icons will […]

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A New Way for Artists to Sell Tickets and Update Fans About Upcoming Shows

Cross-posted from the YouTube Artist Blog

At YouTube, we understand the importance of helping artists find ways to build deeper connections with their fans — the ones who not only watch and listen to videos, but are also willing to pay to see live performances. And, with live concerts becoming a bigger driver of revenue for artists, we want to help artists reach those fans, keep them updated about upcoming shows, and sell more tickets.

We’ve been experimenting with ways we can offer a ticketing experience to fans and we’re excited to announce our first ticketing partnership with Ticketmaster. Starting today, we will begin featuring hundreds of artist’s upcoming U.S. tour dates on their YouTube videos. Fans enjoying an artist’s official music video on YouTube can now learn about upcoming concert listings and with a simple click, go to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets.

YouTube’s massive fan base paired with Ticketmaster’s global roster of concerts and security of verified tickets means we can easily connect a fan’s discovery of music on YouTube to their ability to purchase concert tickets.

We’re just getting started. We’ll be rolling out this feature to all artists who have Ticketmaster shows in North America with plans to expand globally. And, as part of our ongoing commitment to support artists, we’ll continue to find additional ways to make meaningful fan and artist connections.

The YouTube Music team

YouTube Blog

Duolingo adds Mandarin course to its language library

Online language learning company Duolingo has finally added a Mandarin course to its offerings. With more than one billion speakers, Mandarin is the most popular language on the planet, but it's also on one of the hardest to learn, which is why the c…
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Twitter tries to fix verification of people ‘we in no way endorse’

Sure, being verified on social media isn't always as good as people think, but after a recent blowup, Twitter says it's addressing the "perception" of endorsement a blue checkmark confers. While the network has notably verified the accounts of self-p…
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[TA Deals] Score a cheap pair Sphero X2 speakers!

You can drastically improve your music experience with a set of external speakers, and if you really want to take things up a notch, take a look at a set of stereo speakers, like the Sphero X2. They’re compact enough to fit in your hand, but both speakers pack a punch, especially together. Ultra compact […]

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[Deal] Grab the Google Home/Home Mini for just £79/£34

Black Friday is still a few days away, but some companies just can’t wait. Take Google, for instance, discounting its Google Home and Google Home Mini devices in the UK, bringing them firmly within the Impulse Buy zone with savings of £50 and £15 respectively. The regular Google Home is reduced from its normal price […]

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Feds reveal technical details of North Korea’s cyber attacks

North Korea has been running a hacking campaign targeting aerospace, telecommunications and financial industries in the US since 2016, according to alerts issued by the government. Homeland Security and the FBI have released the technical details of…
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[Sponsored] Shop thousands of phones, gadgets, and devices from Tomtop

If you’re in the market for just about anything, you’ll want to check out Tomtop. They offer a little bit of everything, from electronics and gadgets to clothes and musical instruments. Whatever it is you’re shopping for, whether that’s a present for someone else, something for your house, or just a new device to play […]

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Control Ecobee’s smart thermostats with Google Assistant

You no longer have to be picky about which voice assistant you use to steer Ecobee's smart thermostats. Google Assistant now offers control over Ecobee3 and Ecobee4 models, letting you tweak the temperature from your phone or an Assistant-equipped s…
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30 governments are interfering with democracy online

Political mudslinging is a concept as old as politics itself, but in recent years it's found its way off the podium and onto the internet, and a new report now shows the extent of the problem. According to findings from Freedom House, governments in…
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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Best Android Smartphones

Know someone that’s still rocking a phone from 2013? Is their Galaxy S3 screen finally going out? Hook them up with a new smartphone. It’s a big present, but if you want to show up Santa Claus at his own game, a nice phone will definitely impress everyone. You’ve got options here, too. You can […]

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Qualcomm decides to reject Broadcom’s buyout proposal, but Broadcom still committed

Qualcomm was very recently approached by Broadcom with a buyout offer of over 100 billion dollars. That’s a huge chunk of change, but apparently it wasn’t enough to even tempt Qualcomm; their board has unanimously decided to reject Broadcom’s offer. Despite being a very, very large offer, Qualcomm believes they’re in an excellent position in […]

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PayPal releases new Money Pool feature for upcoming holiday shopping season

PayPal announced a new feature that they hope will help people deal with the stress of the holiday shopping season. According to PayPal, 54% of people who responded to a recent poll say they are stressed out by the prospect of holiday shopping and only 32% find it a joyful experience. To help with that, […]

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Qualcomm plans to reject Broadcom’s takeover bid

Broadcom might have to forget about taking over Qualcomm without a fight — Reuters sources claim that Qualcomm's board is planning to reject the unsolicited buyout bid. Reportedly, Broadcom's offer of $ 70 per share, despite setting a record, "unde…
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Russian Twitter accounts tried to influence the UK’s EU departure

Russia's attempt to influence Western politics through Twitter certainly wasn't limited to the 2016 American elections. Wired and New Knowledge have combed through the Russia-linked accounts provided to US politicians, and it identified at least 29…
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Ben Heck’s mini pinball game: Designing the PCB

In tackling another prototype-to-production design, Ben uses Autodesk Eagle to recreate Felix's printed circuit board layout. Learn with Ben how to create your own parts in Eagle and ensure that the board's components are laid out correctly, bear…
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Hasbro offers to buy Mattel as tech pressures the toy world

Toys 'R' Us may not be the only major casualty of technology's influence on the toy industry. Wall Street Journal sources claim that Hasbro recently made an offer to buy Mattel. It's not clear what terms Hasbro offered or how receptive Mattel was,…
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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review: A top notch phone, if you can buy one

Xiaomi has always been nearly universally praised for their smartphone hardware and pricing, but also pretty commonly panned for how difficult they are to buy if you aren’t in China. We’ve been hearing several rumors that the company is eventually planning on branching out into different countries, but here we are with the Mi Mix […]

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Samsung quietly confirms the Exynos 9810 for the Galaxy S9

It’s inevitable that a new and improved processor will come with the Samsung Galaxy S9, but only Samsung knows the specifics. Well, that was until they won a CES 2018 Innovation Award for it and now it’s out in the open. The Exynos 9 Series 9810 will likely power the upcoming Galaxy S9 series, although […]

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[TA Deals] Pay what you want for the Learn to Code 2018 bundle

It’s never a bad time to kickstart your professional coding career, and right now you can score a deep discount on a bundle that’ll take you through a programming crash course. You can pay what you want to get started, too. The bundle covers Python, JavaScript, C#, full stack web development, and even touches on […]

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Samsung just won 36 CES 2018 innovation awards for design and engineering

Samsung makes a lot more than just Galaxy phones and 36 of its latest products are CES 2018 award winners. The awards are for outstanding design and engineering, and the program has 28 product categories. Samsung’s awards include two “Best of Innovation” and span categories such as “Virtual and Augmented Reality,” “Wearable Technologies,” “Video Displays,” […]

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Celebrating Veterans Day

From heartwarming homecoming videos to personal vlogs about their service experiences, veterans turn to YouTube to help share their stories and form community. Thanks to their videos, we’ve been able to learn about some of the incredible individuals who serve our country, whether it’s Missy Lynn speaking out about her experience in the Air Force, Nick Bare chronicling his journey from the start of a new business to his last day in the Army, or a son sharing his Army Veteran father’s experience with dementia.

Ahead of this year’s Veterans Day, YouTube is sharing a new video to honor veterans for their service and all of the things they do every day — for their families, for their communities, and for our nation. To those of us who haven’t served, Veterans Day is also an opportunity for us to better understand what it means to be a member of the armed forces — in any country — and the contributions and sacrifices that military personnel and their families make on our behalf.

Every Veterans Day, we see a resurgence in popularity of certain video genres on YouTube, including surprise reunions and homecoming videos. Millions of people have been moved by these videos of veterans coming together with their loved ones, so to pay tribute to these special moments, we’re also revealing a list of top viewed veteran homecoming videos on the platform:

  1. German Shepherd Fetches Ball, Returns to Find His Soldier Home from Deployment (21M+ views)
  2. Scuba Soldier – Back From Afghanistan Early – Surprises Family (19M+ views)
  3. Soldier welcomed home by happy dog!!! Drill Weekend (15M+ views)
  4. Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (awesome) (13M+ views)
  5. Dog Welcomes Home Soldier…Again (12M+ views)
  6. Soldier Surprises His Son (9M+ views)
  7. U.S. Marine Surprises His Sister During College Graduation Ceremony (9M+ views)
  8. Soldier Surprises Younger Sister At School, Tears Follow (9M+ views)
  9. Soldier dad surprises son during school assembly (8M+ views)
  10. Military Son Surprises Dad at 70th Birthday Party (7M+ views)
  11. A Heartwarming Surprise Military Reunion (7M+ views)
  12. U.S. Soldier Surprises Her Son During High School Football Game (7M+ views)
  13. U.S. Soldier Surprises Sister During High School Lunch Raffle (6M+ views)
  14. Soldiers Surprise Daughter at School Magic Show! (6M+ views)
  15. Soldier Surprises Mother in Kitchen (6M+ views)
  16. Airman comes home to handicapped dog from 6 month deployment! (6M+ views)
  17. Soldier Coming Home; Dog’s Reaction (6M+ views)
  18. Military Mom Surprises Son at School (5M+ views)
  19. Woman Sobs Uncontrollably at the Surprise Return of Her Husband, a U.S. Army Soldier (5M+ views)
  20. Surprise Military Family Welcome Home at South Carolina Football Game (5M+ views)

Today and every day, we at YouTube want to say thank you, veterans, for all you have done and continue to do for our country.

Danielle Tiedt, Chief Marketing Office at YouTube, recently watched “Military Hair and Makeup Tutorial.”

YouTube Blog

SEGA’s Football Manager Mobile 2018 is now available on the Play Store

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to call it soccer or football; if you are a fan of the sport you can lose hours of your life either playing the game in real-life or following your favorite team. You can also lose entire days playing the game online, which means that the release of Football […]

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Colorado voters really want city-run broadband service

Internet access and quality varies widely depending on where you live in the US. There's a huge rural broadband gap that the FCC, companies like Microsoft and the Trump administration have said they'd like to close in the coming years and as Clevelan…
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A live-action ‘Star Wars’ show is headed to Disney’s streaming service

After years of rumors of a live-action Star Wars TV series, it's finally happening. The only catch? It'll be exclusive to Disney's upcoming streaming service, Polygon reports. CEO Bob Iger didn't have any details to share about the new series, but th…
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Pinterest boards can be split into sections

Pinterest has made it easier to keep on top of all your pins with a new board sections feature, which lets you create multiple sections within a single board. So if you're big into home inspo, you could have a single "living room" board with separate…
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The Morning After: Thursday, November 9th 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. If you like retro-inspired things, you might like the first new manual SLR in decades. If you'd rather keep your eye on the future, take a look at Uber's plans (with NASA) to get its flying taxis off the ground….
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Deepsea Blue version of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be available in U.S.

Consumers who want a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but are not content with black or grey may be in luck, especially if they are interested in a blue phone. Samsung is planning to make a version of the smartphone available in the U.S. market in Deepsea Blue. This new color option for the Galaxy Note […]

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Ozuna: ‘Música Sin Fronteras’ – Appeal of Puerto Rico’s reggaeton sensation knows no borders

“Back then there was salsa,” reflects 25-year-old Puerto Rican superstar Ozuna in the new documentary “Musica Sin Fronteras.” “In another era you had rock, then you had time for electronic music. Well now today it’s time for reggaeton.”

Led by the meteoric rise of “Despacito,” with its 4 billion views and counting, reggaeton and other Latin genres have dominated YouTube’s charts all year, with no signs of slowing. Currently, six of the top ten music videos on YouTube’s charts are by Latin artists, with tracks like J Balvin’s “Mi Gente” looking like they might give “Despacito” a run for its record-breaking money.

Arriving right on cue is Ozuna, who for the past three weeks has reigned at the top slot of the global YouTube Artists chart. Produced by YouTube, “Musica Sin Fronteras” traces Ozuna’s rise from local talent shows at his school to the biggest stages in the world, all while celebrating Puerto Rico’s vibrant musical culture.

“YouTube is a universal platform that allows me to reach people in Japan, China or Egypt, countries that I would never be able to reach otherwise” the San Juan, Puerto Rico, native explains. “It is the most important platform to reach the entire world.”

Writing his first song at the young age of 12, Ozuna found early inspiration from other Puerto Rican artists who turned to YouTube to spread their music. What followed were a series of do-it-yourself videos showcasing the young singer and songwriter’s undeniable raw talent. “They were low-budget videos: just us in the rain with a camera and an umbrella.” Ozuna explains with a laugh. “But they came from the heart. It was starting something from nothing.”

With time the production quality increased — and so did the view counts. Early fan favorites like 2015’s “Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere” crossed 100 million views within a year of being uploaded. But while this early work established the Puerto Rican native as an undeniable star, it was the release of his debut LP “Odisea” that helped Ozuna truly cement a chapter in reggaeton’s global success. A vast departure from the EDM maximalism that reggaeton was known for in the mid-’00s, the album’s distinct sound — replete with glowing trap beats, arresting dembow rhythms and Ozuna’s unmistakable falsetto — resonated far beyond San Juan, earning massive views in places like Bogotá (317 million), Mexico City (285 million), New York (74 million) and Barcelona (31 million). Ozuna’s subscriber count now stands at over 8.1 million, with his total views across the platform recently crossing the 8 billion views mark.

“I carefully try to plan how I release my music,” Ozuna explains of his continued viral success. “I start by uploading my music videos to YouTube before anywhere else. This is to guide everyone to one single place. That way they can enjoy the full experience: the song, the visuals, the meaning.”

It’s a strategy the singer took to new heights with the video for “Siguelo Bailando,” the latest single from his debut. Teaming with YouTube, Ozuna is leveraging the power of his social media following to speed up the release of the highly anticipated video — when the hashtag #SigueloBailando hits 20,000, fans across the world can simultaneously experience the video’s premiere on YouTube.

For Ozuna, the creative release is yet another way to spread his music to wider and wider audiences. “I put on YouTube one single and, in 20 hours, have 5 million, 6 million people,” the crooner recently explained to the New York Times on his continued success. “In one month, I have 100 million. In one year, 1 billion.”

The YouTube Music Team

YouTube Blog

Netgear’s smart security light alerts you of unwanted guests

Netgear is taking another stride into smart home security under its Arlo banner. The company has already released a bunch of comprehensive surveillance cameras, and its latest piece of connected hardware is a wireless, outdoor security light. Like sm…
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The Honor V10 is set to launch on December 5 with a 5.99-inch bezel-less display

It’s been a little while since the Honor 9 was unveiled back in June, but Huawei’s budget-minded e-brand has a launch event coming up on December 5th where it’s expected that it will announce the Honor V10. The Honor V10 is thought to feature high-end specifications, including Huawei’s newest HiSilicon Kirin 970 processor.  According to […]

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Instagram’s latest Stories feature is all about flashbacks

While Snapchat struggles to nab more users, Instagram is steaming ahead the only way it knows how: By copying Snapchat. The Facebook-owned service is adding a feature to its (vastly more popular) take on Stories that's all about throwbacks. The updat…
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Israeli company claims Apple copied its dual-camera tech

Whatever you think of your dual-camera iPhone, there's one company that's less than thrilled. Israeli startup Corephotonics is suing Apple for allegedly infringing on patented technology with the cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus (it's likely…
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Xiaomi enters European market via Spain with smartphones and other devices

Xiaomi has slowly been working to expand itself to be a global competitor in the smartphone market. Thus far the company’s reach has been limited to the Chinese and Indian markets, though Xiaomi has been very successful in both. At a launch event, the company revealed their initial steps into the European market. They will […]

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OnePlus 5T launches in Brooklyn, NY on November 16th at 11am ET

Following up on our recent article about the OnePlus 5T launch, the company has now confirmed that its next phone will launch in Brooklyn, NY on November 16th at 11am ET, with availability starting on November 21st at 9am ET. The successor to the OnePlus 5 is expected to cost around $ 599 (4,000 yuan) per […]

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Following the failed merger with T-Mobile, Sprint makes a deal with Altice USA

Now that the Sprint/T-Mobile merger is officially dead and buried, Sprint has been quick to strike a new deal with a US cable company. Altice USA will start selling mobile service via Sprint’s network under a new multi-year agreement that was revealed on November 5th. That’s literally just one day after the T-Mobile merger was […]

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