[TA Deals] Take over 50% these PaMu Scroll true wireless earbuds

Looking for a set of totally wireless earbuds that will make you stand out? PaMu’s Scroll earbuds might just fit the bill, with an incredibly unique charging case and classy design. These earbuds are still completely wireless, so like other headphones in this category you’ll get two separate buds that get recharged in a carrying […]

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Vizio 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos soundbar review: high-end cinema sound, streamlined

  High-powered soundbars loaded with features are getting more common, especially now that we can build great sounding equipment into thin and compact devices. But it’s not all about boutique speaker companies and names like Sonos; in fact, Vizio makes a huge array of soundbars to match perfectly with their television sets, some of which […]

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Honor 20 Pro could go on sale soon after finally getting Google certification

Huawei’s ongoing troubles with the US government’s decision to place it on the ‘entity’ list came just before the launch of the Honor 20 Pro on May 21st. The impact of the blacklisting meant that although the regular Honor 20 achieved Google certification before the cutoff date of May 16th, the Pro version was left […]

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Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro could sport a 90Hz Fluid AMOLED display and revamped rear camera layout

When Huawei launched the Mate 20 Pro in 2018, we were mightily impressed by its trio of rear cameras, gorgeous finish, and superb battery life. But how could the Chinese handset maker improve upon its flagship handset? According to a bunch of leaked renders, the Mate 30 Pro could sport a display with an improved […]

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[TA Deals] Grab the Rveal Digital Indoor Antenna and start cutting the cord (31% off)

One useful gadget that just about every cord-cutter should have is a digital antenna. There are still a ton of channels broadcast OTA all over the US, and with a simple antenna plugged into your TV you can access all of them, completely free. Right now that’s easier than ever with the discounted Rveal indoor […]

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Netflix puts a ‘Patriot Act’ episode about bad internet access on DVD

The latest episode of Netflix variety talk show Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj focuses on the digital divide. In it, Minhaj breaks down some of the many reasons why internet access is so terrible across much of the US, including the roles of carriers…
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Instagram tests easier ways to recover hacked accounts

Instagram might offer a little more reassurance if your account is ever hijacked. The social network is testing a new in-app account recovery process that should make it easier to recover an account — and make it harder for thieves to get away with…
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Florida allows self-driving car tests without backup drivers

Companies that want to test their self-driving cars will have an easier time of it in the Sunshine State. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a bill allowing companies to test autonomous vehicles without backup drivers. It also lets occupan…
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YouTube coming to Tesla screens

At the 2019 E3 video game convention in Los Angeles this week, Tesla revealed that they are planning to make YouTube available via the main infotainment screens in their vehicles. Support for YouTube should drop when Tesla pushes out version 10 of the software stack that Tesla makes available in their vehicles. The journey to […]

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OnePlus leaked user emails through ‘Shot On OnePlus’ photo sharing app

The Oppo spinoff’s latest in a long line of blunders involves the leaking of hundreds of user emails through the insecure servers of their photo sharing app. OnePlus has a long history of being caught up in lies, deceits, and other needless controversies; from confusingly pointless and offensive schemes such as ‘Ladies First’ awarding the […]

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Recommended Reading: Fighting deepfakes

Top AI researchers race to detect 'deepfake' videos: 'We are outgunned' Drew Harwell, The Washington Post The 2016 US presidential election was plagued by fake news and election meddling across the internet. With the rise of so-called deepfake tec…
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Samsung finally delivers on bringing Night Mode to the Galaxy S9’s camera

Samsung launched their new Night Mode on the Galaxy S10, which is something many considered part of the One UI update. But it really wasn’t, since the enhanced low light photography modes never made their way back to the Galaxy S9, even though One UI came with Android Pie to older devices. And sure, the […]

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Ads galore: Google starts to push the “Photo book store” in Google Photos

Google is, at its heart, an advertising company. They have their hands in many, many different projects, products, and services, but fundamentally they’re all different ways to serve up ads to users. That’s not a bad or nefarious thing, either; it allows Google to craft up some remarkable products and let the whole world use […]

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[TA Deals] Pay what you want for this FastestVPN and Antivirus bundle

In search of a good VPN, but don’t know what you want? If you’re looking for a solid option that won’t break the bank, Talk Android Deals is running a promotion on a bundle that includes both a lifetime subscription to FastestVPN, plus a one-year subscription to Cylance Antivirus, and you can pick what you […]

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Spotify’s latest library refresh is all about putting podcasts in your face

Spotify’s recent hobby has been podcasts. They’ve invested pretty heavily in some podcast services, and they’re going to want a little return on investment. That’s why the latest refresh for the library section of your Spotify account isn’t really focused on music; it’s all about getting your attention with podcasts. Now at the bottom (at […]

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Square Enix is considering a subscription service for all its games

Square Enix knows you want access to all its games in digital form, especially older ones for early consoles it has yet to re-release. Well, you'll be happy to hear that the developer is doing something about it. Company President and CEO Yosuke Mats…
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LaLiga app creates shadow network to catch illegal soccer streams

Amidst all of the jokes about apps using smartphone microphones and cameras for illicit purposes comes a new twist from LaLiga, Spain’s soccer league. According to a complaint from Spain’s data protection agency, LaLiga used their app to turn users’ smartphones into spying devices to track down bars that were illegally streaming soccer games. The […]

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Wirecutter’s best deals: Save $15 on a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read Wirecutter's continuously updated list of deals here.
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ASUS ROG Phone 2 to get key screen tech upgrade

If ASUS stays on schedule, next month we should see the release of the ASUS ROG Phone 2. This will be the second phone in the company’s smartphone line that is built specifically for gamers. These types of phones are typically packed full of hardware to help keep games running fast and smooth, albeit for […]

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When the ‘smart home’ is actually a hospital room

You've surely gotten used to seeing Alexa in basically every piece of consumer technology out there — Amazon is even putting it in microwaves. But Philadelphia-based startup EIR Healthcare has a new integration that managed to catch my eye: the comp…
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Volkswagen ends deal with self-driving startup Aurora

Volkswagen is cutting ties with Silicon Valley self-driving startup Aurora after only a year, amidst talks of working with Ford's Argo AI instead. Financial Times reported the news of the split, adding that VW expects to reach a deal with Argo AI thi…
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Dynamic Email in Gmail set to roll out to everyone in early July

Google has been testing AMP-powered emails in Gmail for some time, and it looks like it’s about ready to roll out to everyone. By utilizing AMP for emails, Google wants to enable you to do more with emails, including things like RSVPing for events and managing your calendar, all without ever actually leaving your inbox. […]

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’12 Minutes’ is a murderous ‘Groundhog Day’

Everyone has regrets; words and actions that we wish we could take back or try again. But only a precious few are gifted the opportunity for mulligans of such magnitude. In Annapurna Interactive's latest psychological thriller, 12 Minutes, you're gra…
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New, powerful Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 shows up in Geekbench

Earlier this year Samsung launched their latest Android-powered tablet offering, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. That device, while mid-range in terms of hardware, brought some innovation to the market as it was Samsung’s thinnest tablet ever produced and had a certain “sleekness” about it. Now it looks like Samsung is getting ready to hit the […]

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Samsung is hesitant to put 45w fast charging in the Note 10, opting instead for just 25w charging

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 line has had a bad time with batteries, and we probably don’t need to dig all of that up again. But Samsung hasn’t forgotten, and that might be why they’re hesitant to put super fast charging in the Note 10, which will probably be jam-packed with other bits of hardware and […]

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‘Gods & Monsters’ is the latest from the ‘AC: Odyssey’ team

Ubisoft's latest game goes back to classical mythology with 'Gods & Monsters,' which the publisher showcased with a cartoony first trailer at E3. According to Ubisoft, it's an "adventure about a forgotten hero on a quest to save the Greek gods."…
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‘Doom’ will be streaming on iOS later this year

Earlier today at E3, Bethesda announced its new game streaming technology, Orion. The company promises Orion will be able to work with any game and any platform, and later this year iOS users will be able to test that promise out with Doom. The 2016…
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‘Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition’ arrives this fall

Microsoft revealed at its E3 event that Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition will arrive this fall. As with the updated Age of Empires, this version of the classic RTS includes 4K support and remastered audio, as well as a brand-new campaign called T…
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If you bought a Nexus 6P, you might now be eligible for up to $400 back

The Nexus 6P was a bit of a mixed bag. Not only was it among the last Nexus phones before Google shifted over to the Pixel line, it was really hit or miss on whether it worked well for users. It was a great phone, honestly, but was plagued with a ton of boot looping […]

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Asus drops Zenfone branding in India following lawsuit

Following the Delhi court banning their ‘Zenfone’ brand two days ago, Asus has relaunched their newest value flagship in India without it, adding a ‘z’ for some reason. Only two days ago we reported on the Delhi High Court’s banning of the company’s ‘Zen’ and ‘Zenfone’ brands in India, but already Asus has managed to […]

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‘Apex Legends’ second season debuts July 2nd with an engineer character

There's finally some concrete details about the second season of Apex Legends, and it's heartening news if you're either a defensive player or particularly competitive. The next phase of the game will add Wattson, an engineer character who thrives o…
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Bandai-Namco E3 2019 leak reveals ‘Tales,’ George R.R. Martin games

E3 2019 is almost about to get rolling, but there's time for at least one more pre-show leak. Several games from publisher Bandai-Namco have apparently leaked out due to a flaw on the company's website. Those include a From Software (Dark Souls, Bloo…
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[TA Deals] Ditch your headphone wires and pick up a discounted pair of AirSounds 2 wireless earbuds (63% off)

If you’re looking for a new set of wireless earbuds to make your life a little less wired and tangles, the AirSounds 2 earbuds are a great option. These refreshed headphones deliver great sound, wireless charging, and touch controls for an extremely convenient accessory to your smartphone. The earbuds themselves last about 4 hours on […]

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Russia to start blocking major VPNs after censorship refusal

Russia's hatred for censorship-dodging VPNs is well-known, and it's now prepared to follow through on its . Telecoms oversight chief Alexander Zharov told Interfax that he expected to block nine major VPNs, including ExpressVPN and NordVPN, for refu…
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Facebook reportedly prohibits Huawei from pre-installing its apps

Future Huawei phones will no longer come pre-installed with Facebook's apps, according to Reuters. The social network has reportedly prohibited the Chinese manufacturer from loading its main app, Instagram and WhatsApp onto any phone that hasn't left…
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Instagram makes it easy to add song lyrics to your Stories

Instagram announced today that it is adding the ability to display lyrics when adding songs to Stories. The feature will let users decide if they want to display song lyrics on screen and will give them the ability to edit the text style, animation a…
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Our ongoing work to tackle hate

Over the past few years, we’ve been investing in the policies, resources and products needed to live up to our responsibility and protect the YouTube community from harmful content. This work has focused on four pillars: removing violative content, raising up authoritative content, reducing the spread of borderline content and rewarding trusted creators. Thanks to these investments, videos that violate our policies are removed faster than ever and users are seeing less borderline content and harmful misinformation. As we do this, we’re partnering closely with lawmakers and civil society around the globe to limit the spread of violent extremist content online.

We review our policies on an ongoing basis to make sure we are drawing the line in the right place: In 2018 alone, we made more than 30 policy updates. One of the most complex and constantly evolving areas we deal with is hate speech. We’ve been taking a close look at our approach towards hateful content in consultation with dozens of experts in subjects like violent extremism, supremacism, civil rights, and free speech. Based on those learnings, we are making several updates:

Removing more hateful and supremacist content from YouTube

YouTube has always had rules of the road, including a longstanding policy against hate speech. In 2017, we introduced a tougher stance towards videos with supremacist content, including limiting recommendations and features like comments and the ability to share the video. This step dramatically reduced views to these videos (on average 80%). Today, we’re taking another step in our hate speech policy by specifically prohibiting videos alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination, segregation or exclusion based on qualities like age, gender, race, caste, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status. This would include, for example, videos that promote or glorify Nazi ideology, which is inherently discriminatory. Finally, we will remove content denying that well-documented violent events, like the Holocaust or the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, took place.

We recognize some of this content has value to researchers and NGOs looking to understand hate in order to combat it, and we are exploring options to make it available to them in the future. And as always, context matters, so some videos could remain up because they discuss topics like pending legislation, aim to condemn or expose hate, or provide analysis of current events. We will begin enforcing this updated policy today; however, it will take time for our systems to fully ramp up and we’ll be gradually expanding coverage over the next several months.

Reducing borderline content and raising up authoritative voices

In addition to removing videos that violate our policies, we also want to reduce the spread of content that comes right up to the line. In January, we piloted an update of our systems in the U.S. to limit recommendations of borderline content and harmful misinformation, such as videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness, or claiming the earth is flat. We’re looking to bring this updated system to more countries by the end of 2019. Thanks to this change, the number of views this type of content gets from recommendations has dropped by over 50% in the U.S. Our systems are also getting smarter about what types of videos should get this treatment, and we’ll be able to apply it to even more borderline videos moving forward. As we do this, we’ll also start raising up more authoritative content in recommendations, building on the changes we made to news last year. For example, if a user is watching a video that comes close to violating our policies, our systems may include more videos from authoritative sources (like top news channels) in the “watch next” panel.

Continuing to reward trusted creators and enforce our monetization policies

Finally, it’s critical that our monetization systems reward trusted creators who add value to YouTube. We have longstanding advertiser-friendly guidelines that prohibit ads from running on videos that include hateful content and we enforce these rigorously. And in order to protect our ecosystem of creators, advertisers and viewers, we tightened our advertising criteria in 2017. In the case of hate speech, we are strengthening enforcement of our existing YouTube Partner Program policies. Channels that repeatedly brush up against our hate speech policies will be suspended from the YouTube Partner program, meaning they can’t run ads on their channel or use other monetization features like Super Chat.

The openness of YouTube’s platform has helped creativity and access to information thrive. It’s our responsibility to protect that, and prevent our platform from being used to incite hatred, harassment, discrimination and violence. We are committed to taking the steps needed to live up to this responsibility today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

— The YouTube Team

YouTube Blog

Taking a harder look at harassment

There have been a lot of questions over the last few days about our policies on harassment, particularly around two YouTube creators: Carlos Maza and Steven Crowder. These are important issues and we’d like to provide more details and context than is possible in any one string of tweets.

Since YouTube started 14 years ago, we have focused on providing a platform where anyone can broadcast themselves, connect with people, and share their voices and their experiences with the world. This has brought a lot of good — like Jouelzy, who founded the #smartbrowngirl movement to empower women of color, or MatPat, a gaming creator — who, along with his fans and other creators — raised over $ 200,000 to combat mental illness. But it has also created many challenges. One of the most important issues we face is around harassment. We enforce our policies here rigorously and regardless of the creator in question: In the first quarter of 2019, we removed tens of thousands of videos and accounts for violation of our policies on cyberbullying and harassment. We also removed hundreds of millions of comments, many of which were flagged and removed due to harassment.

That said, policies need to keep up with current problems. One particular challenge we face more and more these days is creator-on-creator harassment. It’s an issue that Susan addressed in her latest creator letter. We update our policies on an ongoing basis to make sure they’re current. Just today, we took another step in our fight against hate speech and our responsibility to reduce the spread of harmful borderline content. As mentioned, one of our upcoming projects will reexamine our harassment policy, as well.

As an open platform, we sometimes host opinions and views that many, ourselves included, may find offensive. These could include edgy stand-up comedy routines, a chart-topping song, or a charged political rant — and more. Short moments from these videos spliced together paint a troubling picture. But, individually, they don’t always cross the line.

There are two key policies at play here: harassment and hate speech. For harassment, we look at whether the purpose of the video is to incite harassment, threaten or humiliate an individual; or whether personal information is revealed. We consider the entire video: For example, is it a two-minute video dedicated to going after an individual? A 30-minute video of political speech where different individuals are called out a handful of times? Is it focused on a public or private figure? For hate speech, we look at whether the primary purpose of the video is to incite hatred toward or promote supremacism over a protected group; or whether it seeks to incite violence. To be clear, using racial, homophobic, or sexist epithets on their own would not necessarily violate either of these policies. For example, as noted above, lewd or offensive language is often used in songs and comedic routines. It’s when the primary purpose of the video is hate or harassment. And when videos violate these policies, we remove them.

Not everyone will agree with the calls we make — some will say we haven’t done enough; others will say we’ve gone too far. And, sometimes, a decision to leave an offensive video on the site will look like us defending people who have used their platforms and audiences to bully, demean, marginalize or ignore others. If we were to take all potentially offensive content down, we’d be losing valuable speech — speech that allows people everywhere to raise their voices, tell their stories, question those in power, and participate in the critical cultural and political conversations of our day.

Even if a creator’s content doesn’t violate our community guidelines, we will take a look at the broader context and impact, and if their behavior is egregious and harms the broader community, we may take action. In the case of Crowder’s channel, a thorough review over the weekend found that individually, the flagged videos did not violate our Community Guidelines. However, in the subsequent days, we saw the widespread harm to the YouTube community resulting from the ongoing pattern of egregious behavior, took a deeper look, and made the decision to suspend monetization. In order to be considered for reinstatement, all relevant issues with the channel need to be addressed, including any videos that violate our policies, as well as things like offensive merchandise.

In the coming months, we will be taking a hard look at our harassment policies with an aim to update them — just as we have to so many policies over the years — in consultation with experts, creators, journalists and those who have, themselves, been victims of harassment. We are determined to evolve our policies, and continue to hold our creators and ourselves to a higher standard.

—Chris Dale, YouTube

YouTube Blog

This AI-powered subreddit has been simulating the real thing for years

Can the human discourse on social media in 2019 be properly captured by a group of well-programmed bots? Of course it can. r/subredditsimulator is a subreddit — three years in the making — that consists solely of neural network bots. It works by ge…
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A closer look at the Bose 700 noise-cancelling headphones

As great as the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones sound, let's be real: they look like they were designed for dads on a business trip. And listen, as someone who's into the whole chunky, dad-shoe trend, I'm not here to judge if you're into their des…
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YouTube declines to pull videos containing homophobic, racist attacks

YouTube is catching flak for an apparently inconsistent approach to tackling hate speech on its platform. The site has declined to remove videos from right-wing commentator Steven Crowder after Vox host Carlos Maza provided evidence of Crowder using…
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Apple might wave goodbye to Dashboard in macOS Catalina

One of the Mac's longer-serving features appears to be going away. Appleosophy and others using the developer preview of macOS Catalina have discovered that Dashboard, the secondary screen for widgets, isn't present. The app is missing in Launchpad,…
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More ways to buy tour tickets on YouTube

Starting today, fans will be able to purchase even more tickets to upcoming shows in the U.S. by their favorite artists. Read more about our new partnership with AXS, the second-largest ticket provider in North America, on our YouTube for Artists blog.

YouTube Blog

The OnePlus 7 is now on sale in the UK, Europe, and Asia

The OnePlus 7 Pro was the main focus of the launch event back on May 14th, with the presentation covering the more affordable OnePlus 7 in just a couple of minutes. The regular OnePlus 7 is the more direct successor to the 6T from last year, featuring updated cameras, storage, and processor. Unlike the OnePlus […]

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An update on our efforts to protect minors and families

Responsibility is our number one priority, and chief among our areas of focus is protecting minors and families. Over the years, we’ve heavily invested in a number of technologies and efforts to protect young people on our platform, such as our CSAI Match technology. And in 2015, because YouTube has never been for kids under 13, we created YouTube Kids as a way for kids to be able to safely explore their interests and for parents to have more control. Accounts belonging to people under 13 are terminated when discovered. In fact, we terminate thousands of accounts per week as part of this process.

We also enforce a strong set of policies to protect minors on our platform, including those that prohibit exploiting minors, encouraging dangerous or inappropriate behaviors, and aggregating videos of minors in potentially exploitative ways. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, we removed more than 800,000 videos for violations of our child safety policies, the majority of these before they had ten views.

The vast majority of videos featuring minors on YouTube, including those referenced in recent news reports, do not violate our policies and are innocently posted  a family creator providing educational tips, or a parent sharing a proud moment. But when it comes to kids, we take an extra cautious approach towards our enforcement and we’re always making improvements to our protections. Here are a few updates we’ve made over the past several months:

  • Restricting live features: We updated enforcement of our live streaming policy to specifically disallow younger minors from live streaming unless they are clearly accompanied by an adult. Channels not in compliance with this policy may lose their ability to live stream. We also launched new classifiers (machine learning tools that help us identify specific types of content) on our live products to find and remove more of this content.
  • Disabling comments on videos featuring minors: We disabled comments on tens of millions of videos featuring minors across the platform, to limit the risk of exploitation. Additionally, we implemented a classifier that helped us remove 2x the number of violative comments. We recognize that comments are a core part of the YouTube experience and creators have told us they feel we removed a valuable way for them to connect with and grow audiences. But we strongly believe this is an important step to keeping young people safe on YouTube.
  • Reducing recommendations: We expanded our efforts from earlier this year around limiting recommendations of borderline content to include videos featuring minors in risky situations. While the content itself does not violate our policies, we recognize the minors could be at risk of online or offline exploitation. We’ve already applied these changes to tens of millions of videos across YouTube.

Over the last 2+ years, we’ve been making regular improvements to the machine learning classifier that helps us protect minors and families. We rolled out our most recent improvement earlier this month. With this update, we’ll be able to better identify videos that may put minors at risk and apply our protections, including those described above, across even more videos.

To stay informed of the latest research and advances in child safety, we work with civil society and law enforcement. In the last two years, we’ve shared tens of thousands of reports with NCMEC, leading to numerous law enforcement investigations.1 Additionally, we share our technologies and expertise with the industry, and consult with outside experts to complement our team of in-house experts.

YouTube is a company made up of parents and families, and we’ll always do everything we can to prevent any use of our platform that attempts to exploit or endanger minors. Kids and families deserve the best protection we have to offer: We’re committed to investing in the teams and technology to make sure they get it.

The YouTube Team

1 Updated stats on June 3

YouTube Blog

Ten best cases for the OnePlus 7 Pro

With its pop-up selfie camera and snazzy Almond, Nebula Blue, and Mirror Gray finishes, the OnePlus 7 Pro is a sight to behold. Under the hood, it boasts up to 12GB of RAM, up to 256GB of built-in storage and is powered by Qualcomm’s latest processor, the Snapdragon 855. Regardless of which finish you choose, […]

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Live from WWDC 2019!

Yes, another Apple event. After devoting an entire keynote this March to streaming services, Apple is kicking off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference today, and so it's time for the company to shift its attention back to its bread-and-butter pl…
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Nokia 4.2 with Android One is now available to purchase in the US and UK

If you are in the market for a mid-range handset at an affordable price with the promise of solid hardware with regular software updates, the Nokia 4.2 could be just what you need. Boasting mid-range specifications, a good-sized battery, a dual-rear camera setup, the Nokia 4.2 comes in at $ 189 in the US, and £149 […]

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League of Legends will be the next powerhouse game to be ported to mobile

Since phones have gotten more and more powerful we’ve started to see more high profile games ported over to smartphones and tablets. This current trend works a little bit better than a few years ago when old PS2 era games got mobile ports with questionable controls and lacking graphics, too. Just ask Fortnite. But the […]

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